The Engaging Leader Questions Library

Empowerment Coaching Krakow The Engaging Leader Questions Library

Are you a leader? Are you responsible for the team at work? Or maybe you run a project in a distributed team?

Available in * .pdf format, The Engaging Leader Questions Library contains questions that you can quickly use at work, whether in 1-on-1 meetings or in team meetings.


The main purpose of these questions is to ensure a sense of psychological safety at work.


This approach has a very positive effect on your employees. It results in natural motivation, a sense of agency, respect, being appreciated, and ultimately increased job satisfaction. As a result, employee engagement increases, which is the result of an autonomous, internal decision of the employee.

The library was established as a result of many coaching sessions conducted with middle and senior managers.  It addresses very specific situations and provides practical solutions that can be used immediately.
In addition to the so-called strong open questions, you will also find elements of critical thinking (the Socratic method), elements of the art of facilitating group meetings, and elements of plan evaluation supporting the process of joint decision making.  

This is the first version of this booklet. It will be gradually developed, refined and sent to subscribers of the Empowerment Coaching website.


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