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Ryszard Skarbek

How to summarize 55 years of life here? All these experiences and memories that I am. Especially that my job is to listen

and ask good questions, not  tell about yourself 🙂 So maybe my best showpiece will be Customer Reviews ,

But on the other hand, I understand that each of us would like to know who to trust with our dilemmas.

My name is Ryszard Skarbek.

In the areas of mentoring and business coaching, I work mainly with middle and senior managers.

I help leaders working in large corporations, as well as board members and CEOs of medium-sized companies.

Many years of experience in the field of HR allows me to support HR Managers, HR Directors and Heads of global HR functions

in large organizations, especially those working in the shared service center model.

I have 30 years of professional experience. Over 20 years spent in the role of a manager in an international corporation

and manager of managers. So I know the realities of the "corpo-world", all its pressures and unwritten rules.

I have worked in the HR department for over 12 years. I started my adventure with coaching in 2012 after obtaining the Performance Coach certificate (CfPAC) at the British institution Coaching Culture at Work,  which follows the path

set by Sir John Whitmore ,  co-creator of the coaching method  GROW.

The result of the certification was the commencement of regular coaching practice.

I was also the boss and an ardent advocate of a project aimed at implementing a coaching style of management

in a global service organization where I worked (Europe, Asia, Africa, both Americas, over 600 employees).

You can find my full professional profile on LinkedIn .

At the beginning of 2020, I left my job and decided to start my independent journey.  

I believe that Empowerment Coaching will continue to grow and this section will soon be renamed "About Us".

Privately, I am a husband and a proud father of two adult sons. I live in the countryside near Krakow and I appreciate the simplicity of idyllic Life more and more. From this perspective, the "twist" of today's world can be seen much clearer.

After intellectual effort, I pick up a brush cutter or a shovel / rake and go to the garden.

I was also fascinated by wood and metal. For several years I have been renewing and bringing back to life

old country tools. Who knows, maybe the next step will be a sculpture ...


I am the Mentor of the English edition

Mentoring Program

run by the Business Leaders Foundation

I am a Mentor in postgraduate studies

Executive MBA Program

conducted by the EU in Krakow

Mentor Ryszard Skarbek Fundacja Liderek Biznesu
Mentor Ryszard Skarbek UEK CSB

Selected Certificates

Coaching Krakow Coach Ryszard Skarbek Certificate
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Work for a cause,
not for applause
Live Life to express,
not to impress