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Ryszard Skarbek

How can you summarize 54 years of living here? All these experiences and memories that I am. Especially that my task is to listen and ask good questions, and not to talk about myself 🙂 Maybe my best showcase will be Clients Testimonials,

But on the other hand, I understand that each of us would like to know whom to entrust our dilemmas.

My name is Ryszard Skarbek. 

I have nearly 30 years of professional experience. Over 20 years spent in a multi-national corporation as manager

and manager of managers. So I know the realities of the "corpo-world", all its pressures and unwritten rules.

For over 10 years I worked in the HR department. My adventure with coaching started in 2012 after obtaining a Performance Coach Certificate (CfPAC) at the British Coaching Culture at Work institution, which follows the path set by the co-creator

of the GROW coaching method, Sir John Whitmore. After certification I started regular coaching practice.

I was also the leader and an ardent advocate of the project, whose goal was to implement coaching management style

in the global service organization in which I worked (Europe, Asia, Africa, both Americas, over 600 employees).

My exhaustive professional CV may be found on LinkedIn.

At the beginning of 2020 I left my job and decided to start my independent journey.

I believe that Empowerment Coaching will develop and soon this section will change its name to "About us".

Privately, I am a husband and a proud father of two adult sons. I live in a village near Krakow and I increasingly appreciate

the simplicity of countryside Life. From this perspective, the "turning" of today's world is also much clearer.

After intellectual effort I pick up an electric scythe or shovel / rake and go to the garden.

I am also fascinated by wood and metal. For several years I have been renovating and bringing old rural tools back to life.

Who knows, maybe the next step will be sculpturing ...

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Work for a cause,
not for applause
Live Life to express,
not to impress


Selected Certificates

Empowerment Coaching: CfPAC Certificate
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