Deus ex machina – ep. 2

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Why is the probability of our Universe occurring so insanely low, and what is special about it? I will try to briefly tell you about it, avoiding the indigestible language of physics as much as possible.

Lost symmetry

In the first micro-moments after the Big Bang due to the continuous expansion of matter and antimatter, they were created in more or less equal amounts.

Interestingly: scientists are now able to recreate the entire process down to the moment of 10 to the power of minus 43 of second after the explosion — that is, one-tenth of a millionth millionth millionth millionth millionth millionth of a second!

Each meeting of the quark and the antiquark resulted in the complete annihilation of both “particles” and the release of a photon of light.

It turns out, however, that at some point after the Big Bang, the symmetry between the amount of matter and antimatter ceased to ex