What are you hiding in your nooks and crannies? – ep. 2

Empowerment Coaching Blog-What are you hiding in your nooks and crannies 3

In the previous episode, I highlighted one extremely important point: if you are not aware of something, you cannot decide about it ... If you are not aware of your shadow, you have no control over your emotional response - you are just reacting. You also don't control how you express your emotions. In addition, you unconsciously attract an unstoppable stream of people who externalize your abandoned shadow.

When you become aware of your shadow and become its owner again, you begin to have control over it. You move from being him to having him.

When I became aware of my abandoned anger, the upset people ceased to significantly influence me. I also stopped attracting them to myself. I still notice them, but instead of being influenced by them, I feel compassion for them.