What are you hiding in your nooks and crannies – ep. 4

Empowerment Coaching Blog-What are you hiding in your nooks and crannies 4

"Whatever divisions are a matter of the contract, they are not a feature of reality. And while, as I said before, it may be useful to divide in some cases, it should not be forgotten that we are the creators of them. This will save us from problems.

But don't get me wrong. I am not saying that you should passively succumb to bad things and let them bother you or other people. What I'm trying to say is that when you judge certain things as bad, you get rid of them within you. But then, by not owning them, you attract more of them in your life and thus you are the cause of your suffering yourself as well as expressing these abandoned qualities in a hidden and dysfunctional way. Who would want that?

So why am I making so much fuss about the topic of dividing up, and in particular the Black and White Games? What's wrong with wanting things to go a certain way? Well ... nothing, as long as you do it gently. But most of us don't do it that way. The truth is, as a human being, I have strong preferences. I care more about my children than yours. I care more about my car than yours.