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Coaching Ryszard Skarbek: About me
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Coach and Mentor
Agnieszka Kucza

My name is Agnieszka Kucza.

I am a certified coach. I am a mentor.

I work with people who are dissatisfied in important areas of their life and ready to change.

I help them develop self-awareness and make such changes in their professional and private life,

 so that they feel happy, fulfilled, and found inner peace.


For me, coaching and mentoring are authentic, non-judgmental relationships built in an atmosphere

 of security and respect, based on openness and trust.


I started my adventure with coaching and mentoring in a corporation, where, as an experienced manager,

I worked with future managers, as part of programs preparing them for a new role in the company.

This is how my new passion emerged, focused on working with people and helping.


I have over 20 years of professional experience, including 16 years spent in a big international company.

Working in a large company gives you great opportunities for development, raising qualifications, promotions,

as well as a wide network of contacts. The portfolio of my successes and professional achievements is wide,

and my full professional profile can be found on LinkedIn.


The corporation is also a big challenge. Assertive people who can take care of themselves and set boundaries

 will do much better in a culture focused on achieving goals quickly under time pressure and in the face of strong competition.

In such an environment, it is very easy to become addicted to work, lose your work-life balance, and eventually burn out. A lot depends on an individual approach to work, self-awareness, and self-development in order to reap benefits and feel satisfaction. I felt these challenges personally, and now I help others understand these mechanisms, be more effective, and restore balance and well-being.


I completed a coaching course at IBD Business School, obtaining a Coaching Fundamentals Certificate,

and the School of Coaches at the Wszechnica UJ (Jagiellonian University),
obtaining the Erickson Solution-Focused Coach Certificate.

As a result of both certifications, I started working with individual clients.

I am also a mentor in the Mentoring Program run by Women Leadership in Business Foundation.

The vast majority of my clients are employees of large companies, including people managers and project managers. I work with clients in the area of career coaching, managerial coaching, life coaching,
and mentoring.

In my work, I follow the ICF international code of ethics.


I work with my clients in the TGROW model and in the Erickson approach - solution-focused coaching.

In my practice, I combine extensive professional and private experience, extended by hours of training,

courses, internships, and personal development in the area of ​​coaching, mentoring, leadership,

psychology, mindfulness, rational behavior therapy, and non-violent communication.


My extensive professional experience makes me open to cooperation with a business client.

 Knowing perfectly the realities of operation of smaller and larger companies,

I know what their employees have to deal with on a daily basis.


Privately, I am a happy wife and a proud mother of an already grown-up valuable young man,

and family is one of the most important values in my life. However, I also value the space for myself -
for the development and realization of my passions. I love to learn, gain experience and read a lot.


I love yoga, which, thanks to regular practice, allows me to take care of my body, mind, and emotions.

Thanks to it, I relax and immerse myself in being here and now.

I also love walking in the woods, mountains, or by the sea - at any time of the year.


With the family, we pursue common passions, such as hiking in the mountains,

discovering new bicycle routes, winter skiing madness, and also traveling around Poland and the world.


My life motto is a quote from Albert Einstein: 

"It's crazy to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results."

Coaching Ryszard Skarbek: Certificates

Selected Certificates

Coach Agnieszka Kucza-Erickson-Professional-Coach-Certificate
Coach Agnieszka Kucza Certificate CC 2022-02-28
Coach Agnieszka Kucza Certyfikat CFC IBD
Coach Agnieszka Kucza Erickson Coach Certificate

Selected Training

  • Erickson Certified Professional Coach Certificate

  • Erickson Solution-Focused Coach Certificate

  • The Art and Science of Coaching - School of Coaches, Jagiellonian University University and  Erickson Coaching International

  • Coaching Fundamentals Certificate, IBD - Noble Manhattan Coaching

  • "Start as a Coach" course (Małgorzata Żukowska)

  • Training for LHH mentors (Lee Hecht Harrison)

  • MBSR Training - Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (Kwantum)

  • RTZ course - Rational Behavior Therapy (RTZ Laboratory)

Coach and Mentor Agnieszka Kucza
Customer opinions

Natalia, Senior Account Manager

I met Agnieszka at mentoring sessions for several months and thanks to these meetings I entered a higher level of consciousness. What's more - Agnieszka makes working on yourself much easier and accelerates at an unexpected pace.
I have achieved more in these few months than in the last several years.


After talking to her, I feel like I can change more and more to feel good about myself. I realized that I have a huge impact on these changes. More and more often, even in difficult private or professional situations, I have the impression that my possibilities are unlimited. Agnieszka teaches you how to use your potential and energy to achieve your goals. I talk to her, always analyze and set an action plan, then practice and draw conclusions - never before have these actions been as effective as now. Now every month I feel like I'm higher and closer...


Agnieszka impresses me with empathy, and kindness and inspires me to act, but she also draws inspiration from me. She always shared this - it's very important and gave me confidence. 


Six months ago I was so overstimulated and frustrated that I couldn't even define what relaxes me... Now I have to try very hard to define what frustrates me...

Ewelina, Project Leader

Agnieszka is a very inspiring person. Professional at work, always prepared and focused on helping define and achieve set goals. 

He is an empathetic person, able to listen, ask questions and strengthen the person he works with. 

Caoching with Agnieszka helped me a lot. From the very beginning, Agnieszka aroused a great sense of trust in me, which made our sessions bring me great satisfaction. 


Thanks to  joint sessions, I feel that I am developing in various areas of my life and my way of thinking is changing.


The decision to start cooperation and the coaching process was one of the best in the last year. I am very happy that I met Agnieszka right now. 

I highly recommend sessions conducted by Agnieszka as a coach.

Magdalena, Project Leader

I have been participating in coaching meetings with Agnieszka for several months. We discuss various topics that are important to me. I can certainly say that thanks to our sessions, my eyes were opened to some areas that I would not have thought of before. Agnieszka is able to listen and ask very accurate questions, thanks to which I start to understand where I am making mistakes.


Besides, our meetings are a nice escape from everyday duties for me. I am glad that I decided to coach Agnieszka and with a clear conscience I can recommend her as a coach to anyone who is in need.

Paulina, QA and RA Manager

Very professional, full of empathy and understanding meetings,

which I wholeheartedly recommend.


Coaching sessions with Agnieszka guided me through several large and very significant changes in my private and professional life. They helped a lot in defining the goal and finding your golden mean.


Conversations with Agnieszka made me feel fully ready for what was coming, and most importantly - I knew that everything I do, I do in harmony with myself.


Agnieszka is an extremely open, warm and understanding Coach, with whom I hope to work on the occasion of the next challenges on my way.

Aneta, Finance Manager

I started working with Agnieszka at a very difficult time in my life. Thanks to her, in a relatively short time I was able to regain my balance, better understand myself, my needs and desires.


Agnieszka has huge amounts of natural empathy, she is open and honest, which creates a very special atmosphere during the session and allows you to freely talk about the most difficult matters.


It supports, does not judge, inspires multidimensional thinking about oneself, needs and the definition of happiness. I wholeheartedly recommend coaching sessions with Agnieszka, they can work wonders.

More Opinions in Preparation...

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