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Career Coaching

One of the "bricks" that each of us uses to build our own happiness is a sense of professional fulfillment.

We spend one third of our day at work, and in many cases we stay there even longer, not only physically, but also mentally. We think about responsibilities, problems and deadlines even after we close the office door or turn off the work laptop. We bring them home and cannot separate them from our private lives. If work and our professional career do not bring us satisfaction, it affects our entire life. And sometimes it forces us to change our career path or even look for a job. Career coaching may be a good solution to our problems. This is one of the most common types of career coaching nowadays, when work takes up so much of our time, and finding one's way in an increasingly complicated labor market, clarity about professional goals and a possible wise job change are becoming more and more important.

In what situations is it worth considering career coaching?

Career coaching sessions may be undertaken for various reasons. Below are some of them:

  • in your everyday work you feel stagnant, you feel like you are standing still,

  • showing up at your workplace is a source of great stress for you,

  • you can't name five of your strengths,

  • you have trouble defining your professional goals,

  • Your job doesn't make you feel satisfied, it's just a chore,

  • Would you like something? change in your professional life, ale niyou know how,

  • you don't want to change your job, but you have difficulty finding your way in your current situation,

  • you are not sure that the chosen career path is the right one for you,

  • you are considering changing your professional profile, looking for a new career path,

  • you would like to design your professional career path, but you don't know where to start, you need professional development,

  • you want to increase your value on the labor market,

  • you are preparing to look for a job elsewhere, maybe even abroad,

  • as a result of a longer break from work (resulting from e.g. maternity and care leave) you are afraid of returning to work,

  • During a long break from your job, a lot has changed for the worse at your employer and you probably wouldn't want to go back there, but you don't believe you could find a job elsewhere, and you're also worried about your financial security, 

  • you have lost faith in yourself and your abilities, you are tired in your current place, but you are afraid of changing your job,

  • you increasingly think about taking a longer break from work,

  • you struggle with chronic fatigue or burnout.

The list is, of course, not complete - if the problem you are struggling with is not mentioned there, it does not mean that such individual coaching is not for you. Don't hesitate to seek help and advice. Career counseling helps the client not only find his way better in the labor market, but above all enables him to get to know his strengths and identify his strengths. professional competences that particularly require development in the modern world.

Thanks to the support of a coach and a good career advisor, you will, above all, better understand your current needs and make sure whether further career development would still be beneficial for you within your current organization or whether it is time to change your job. And if it's time to change your job, a good coach will help you prepare for it as best as possible. And in the event of burnout, it will guide you wisely and slowly, supporting you first in regaining energy, self-confidence, motivation and readiness to change your job. There are many benefits of seeking professional career coaching.

Career Coach - Who is this?

A career coach is a person who supports employees in carrying out their daily duties and also helps them choose a new career path. Asking questions is second nature to him/her. It helps you get to know yourself better, recognize your strengths and weaknesses, understand your communication style, your needs and even your personal values. It also helps to identify and remove limiting beliefs about yourself, accompanies you in the process of professional change and builds motivation to act. It is worth turning to him especially when you experience symptoms of burnout - through coaching, in cooperation with a specialist, you can effectively get rid of them.

What happens in the Career Coaching process?

A coach's job is primarily about asking questions. By asking insightful questions, the coach helps the client hear himself as best as possible and reach his truth. In the GROW method coaching process, we go through four main stages, which we have described in detail on a separate subpage presenting coaching models. There you will learn exactly what to expect during coaching sessions. We describe them transparently and in a very comprehensive way.

Asking questions activates unused resources in the client and often helps the client remember how many resources he or she actually already has. This applies both to strengths (everyone has them!), as well as to the unique type of personality, interests, values, as well as a summary of previous professional experiences and everything that was a success and a good choice on the current professional path.


Career counseling may also be enriched by joint performance and analysis of various psychometric tests, including personality, behavior and competence tests. In the case of career counseling for people working in managerial positions, psychometric tests may also concern leadership style or preferred interpersonal communication style or sources of personal motivation.


Therefore, working in coaching sessions helps you get to know yourself as best as possible and determine the goal to be achieved in the coaching process. And then choose an action plan that will enable you to achieve this goal. 

To sum up, good career counseling is about helping the client get to know himself better and define his career goals, and then accompanying the client and supporting him in achieving these goals. It is also help in finding one's place in the labor market and support in the process of changing employment - if the client's decision is to change his job and continue his professional career with a new employer or even as a freelancer!

How to deal with burnout at work?

Burnout at work is a phenomenon that can happen to anyone. It is a physical and emotional state that arises as a result of prolonged exposure to stress in the work environment. Its symptoms are individual and may vary slightly from person to person.

The most common symptoms of burnout are chronic fatigue, lack of motivation to work, difficulties with memory and concentration, and sleep disorders. It is estimated that on an annual basis up to 30% of people employed in Poland begin to feel them. If you suffer from these ailments and do not know how to get rid of them, a career coach will come to your aid. Coaching is a service for which demand is constantly growing.

The support of loved ones is essential

One of the best ways to feel better about burnout is to talk not only to your coach, but also to your family and friends. It is good to break the isolation that often affects burnt out people and share their experiences. It may turn out that your emotions are extremely difficult - maybe it's worth giving up coaching for a while and turn to a psychotherapist for help?

Work schedule - small change, big difference

If you decide to continue operating in your industry, it may be a good idea to try to change the way you work. When you plan the tasks you do during the day well, you will start to feel less stressed. Together with the coach, you can choose the order and way of fulfilling your daily duties to improve your well-being.

Don't be afraid to act

One of the things career coaching can help you with is a change of employment and acclimatization in a new company - sometimes it's the only and best solution. Do not hesitate to use it and reach for the support of a specialist!


Career coaching - rules

During the coaching session, we will talk about your situation. If we jointly decide that there is such a need, we will conduct psychometric tests and discuss their results - they will help in assessing your qualifications and potential.

The first session is free. I do not give a specific number of meetings that will be enough to solve your problem. Each situation is individual and requires such an approach.

Also, the duration of a single session is a matter determined within an individual contract. The basic unit is one clock hour, and the cost of such a session is EUR 100+VAT. Meetings are held in the online space with the use of popular messengers.

Career coaching - first tips and hints

If at this stage you do not feel the need to take advantage of career coaching, but there is something that bothers you or you are simply interested in the topic of career development and setting yourself professional goals  - we invite you to take advantage of the first tips, inspiration, and hints.

Find a spare moment and read a few texts that help you to look at the topics of professional development, career planning, and "career" in general from very different perspectives.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson has said, "The field cannot be well seen from within the field".


So in order to properly analyze and plan such an important topic as career development, it is worth first changing your current perspective and looking more broadly, differently. Only then will you have a chance to see opportunities that you do not see right now. Only then will you have a chance to ask yourself other questions.


And the answer is as good as good the question was. 

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