Career coaching

One of the building blocks that each of us builds our own happiness is a sense of professional fulfillment. We spend a third of our day at work, and in many cases we stay there even longer, not only physically but also mentally. We think about our duties, problems or deadlines even when we close the office door or turn off our business laptop. We bring them home and we cannot separate them from our private life. So if work does not bring us satisfaction, it affects our whole life.

In what situations is it worth considering career coaching?

A career coaching session may be undertaken for a variety of reasons. Some of them are listed below:

  • in your daily work you feel stagnant and you have the impression that you are standing still

  • Arriving at the workplace is a source of great stress for you

  • Your work does not give you a sense of satisfaction, it is only a chore

  • you are not sure that the chosen career path is right for you

  • you are considering changing your career path

  • you do not want to change your job, but you have difficulty adjusting to the current situation.

The list is of course not complete - if the problem you are struggling with is not listed there, it doesn't mean that career coaching is not for you. Don't hesitate to seek help and advice.

Career coaching - rules

During the coaching session, we will talk about your situation. If we jointly decide that there is such a need, we will conduct psychometric tests and discuss their results - they will help in assessing your qualifications and potential.

The first session is free. I do not give a specific number of meetings that will be enough to solve your problem. Each situation is individual and requires such an approach.

Also, the duration of a single session is a matter determined within an individual contract. The basic unit is one clock hour, and the cost of such a session is EUR 100+VAT. Meetings are held in the online space with the use of popular messengers.