Pyrrhic victory. Will fulfilling your aspirations surely bring you happiness?

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"The Greek king Pyrrhus, a ruler with powerful imperial aspirations, was considered a military genius. He also had a wise adviser, Kineas, who, seeing that Pyrrhus dreams of winning the war with Italy, had such a conversation with him.

"They say the Romans are brave warriors, Pyrrhus." Even if we defeat them, what will be the use of it?

- You're asking about a simple thing. The whole of Italy will then be in our hands, and the benefits will be enormous, replied the king.

- And what will we do after the conquest of Italy?

- There is an island not far from Italy, Sicily. I think it will be easy to get, 'replied Pyrrhus.

- It's very likely. And will the conquest of Sicily be the end of our trip? Kineas asked further.

- May we win! It will be an invitation for us to take part in the next great ventures. Who could refrain from taking Africa when it would be so simple?

-And when we do it, what are we going to do next? " Kineas continued.

- Later? We will enjoy resting! Day after day, we will play with wine, talk and be happy, 'explained the king."

Then Kineas remarked:

- So what bothers us now, to play and rest? We have enough of everything. Are we sure we want bloodshed in order to achieve what we already have while exposing ourselves to so many dangers? "

Plutarch, Lives of Famous Men


You surely know the term Pyrrhic Victory. It means a victory achieved at too great cost, which is only an apparent victory because the losses exceed the gains.

The fact that this term exists tells us how the conversation between Pyrrhus and Kineas ended. Unfortunately, the king did not listen to his wise counselor. In 279 BCE, in the historic battle of Ausculum, Pyrrhus defeated the Romans, but suffered enormous losses and later entered history with this term.

Pyrrhus himself was to say these words to the congratulating commanders:

"One more victory like this and we are doomed"

We often confuse fulfilling aspirations with fulfilling dreams. This can be best seen in the example of a work situation when the so-called "leader" has ambitions greater than possibilities.

This is a very dangerous case because such a person very quickly reaches the level of his INCOMPETENCY and with hidden terror begins to focus on defending what he has already achieved externally (i.e. status, prestige, power, sense of influence).

So he will fight and at all costs fight people and situations which, in his VIEW, threaten her position and what he has already gained. The paradox is that such a person does not have healthy inner self-esteem and that is why all outward signs of "success" are so important to him.

How many battles do you fight? And for what reason? This question of being aware and clear of your "why" is very important.

What do you focus your attention on? We have already written many times that your energy follows your attention ...

Can you appreciate what you have and, more importantly, who you are? Or are you in constant pursuit of "more"? If you are part of this quest for "more" then maybe you can at least tell when "more" for you will be "enough".

Do you realize how stretched you are: by work, by TV commercials, by social media? Are you aware that you very often succumb to the voices that whisper: you must, must, must ... or you will lose, lose, lose ...

Do you realize that this stretching will finally break your clock spring and then you will really lose? You will lose what is truly precious: your health, your loved ones, and worst of all, you can lose yourself ...

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