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"Sun Tzu was asked by the emperor to present his generals with strategies of dodging, concessions, and waiting. He did it willingly, as it was his favorite subject. He believed that refraining from direct confrontation when victory was unsure was not cowardice but prudence.

When you encounter overwhelming enemy forces, it is better to retreat to more convenient positions and wait for a better opportunity. When you are weaker, give in. Wait for the forces of nature and nature: frost, sandstorm, flooded river, hunger in a larger enemy army. Try to level the chances before the fight. Don't attack.

Sun Tzu's theses did not appeal to the generals. Yang Chu in particular was outraged.

"The sword and strength are the only best weapons," he thundered, staring haughtily at the philosopher.

-Compassion will not be of benefit. It is unworthy of a real soldier. Attack, surprise, strength and an efficient sword guarantee victory.

"Yes," thought Sun Tzu. "A working sword, you say general." And no concessions?