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A master and a disciple just like me

Empowerment Coaching Krakow Blog-A master and a disciple just like me

Want to stand out? Would you like to be noticed? Or maybe you are asking yourself the question of the 21st century: how to be successful? Let's see what advice you will receive from the Master today. Here is the parable of the Master who was looking for someone special among his disciples. Someone who would take his place in the future.

The parable of the Master who was looking for a successor

One day the students noticed that the master was extremely focused. He watches them with great attention as they exercise, meditate, and perform their daily duties. After a few days, over an evening meal, one of the students dared to ask:

- Master, for the last few days you have been watching us as if you were looking for something.

- Yes, I am looking for someone who would be the same as me - replied the master.

- Someone like you? The student said, and it became completely quiet in the room.

- Yes.

- What for?

- Because I'm old now and I would like to have a successor to whom I will pass all my secret tricks, dodges, and strikes.

The master was of medium height, bald, with an outlined belly, had a very cheerful mood, and always wore slightly worn clothes and carefully cleaned shoes.

The next day, in the morning meditation, all the students had their heads shaved, and the master, looking at them, mumbled under his breath, "someone like me."

During the midday exercises, the taller ones squatted slightly, and the shorter ones climbed on their toes. The master muttered, "someone like me." The thinner ones gained a little bit of weight, and the overweight ones started intensive weight loss. The Master continued his search.

Everyone was staring at him. When he moved his hand to the left, everyone left, and when he moved right, everyone went right. When the master was happy, everyone smiled. When he was serious, everyone was frowning. But the master was still dissatisfied.

After a while, all the students looked like clones of the master. All the techniques - kicks, falls, thrusts, punches - were performed by the students perfectly as their teacher demonstrated, but he was still dissatisfied and was looking for someone similar to himself.

The students grew angry, agitated, and confused. Each of them mentally repeated: "I am exactly like him and I do everything just like him."

Until one day a new student appeared in school - tall and thin as a tick, with long hair; he walked in short pants and barefoot. When the champion moves left, he goes right, when the champion goes up, he goes down. All the students looked at him disapprovingly, and the master was increasingly pleased.

"Someone like me at last," he murmured, eyeing the new apprentice.

- How's that? - the others protested - he is completely different!

- No, he's exactly like me ... He's not imitating anyone.

How to stand out from the others?

As Oscar Wilde wrote: "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken!"

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