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Free pdf Guidebook
How to discover your Personal Values

Free ebook pdf "How to discover your Life Values"

How often do you ask yourself:

what is important to me in life?

How well do you know the answer to this question?

This guidebook in pdf format will guide you through the process of discovering and organizing your personal VALUES.​​

This process has a significant advantage: simplicity. All you need is silence, a pen, and a few sheets of paper. In addition to specific instructions, the description also includes examples, although there will not be too many.  I don't want to suggest the answers to you or influence your choices.

After completing the work, you will receive a list of
10 VALUES most important to you and arranged
in order of importance

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Many of us are still looking for our way in this world. You wonder:

  • how to get a sense of control over your own life?

  • how to pursue your own goals - not the goals of other people?

  • how and where to start to enter the right development path?​

  • how to be happy?

This free guidebook will help you find the answers to these questions. However, you will not find ready-made answers here. You will also not find a golden recipe for being happy. Because I believe that each of us must find these answers in ourselves.

There are many roads to the top, and I think each of us has to find our own. Only then we do have a chance to live a truly happy life, OUR life. Dancing to our music, not to other people's music.

And this, in addition to knowledge, experience, and character, requires, above all, self-awareness. And the decision to take responsibility for our adult years.

If we want to be in control of our lives, we need to know where we are going. We must be able to choose what is really important to us. Having such a general azimuth helps a lot in making everyday decisions, especially when we face the most difficult choices in life.

So you need to do your homework first to be able to set off on your journey with a clearly defined goal. You have to stop to be able to accelerate later.


One of the most difficult and, at the same time, the most fruitful tasks to be performed may be to become aware of and organize your personal VALUES.

They are the fabric of our life. It is around them that we can clearly set our goals and derive real satisfaction from their implementation. Satisfaction with no guilt.

The most important part of this free guidebook is the last chapter, where the method of discovering and organizing life VALUES is presented. The detailed instructions contained therein will guide you step by step.


However, before you go on to them, please read the preceding pages carefully. They are designed to build a solid foundation that will help you use this method as effectively as possible.

Good luck! And see you soon in the newsletter.

A series of columns on Personal Values

And if you are genuinely interested in the topic of Personallues, I invite you to read a series of dedicated articles. You will find them on the Empowerment Coaching Kraków blog under the link below.

Free pdf ebook - How to discover your Personal Values


These articles are among the first to be published on our blog. And it's not a coincidence. There you will find, among other things, the following information:

  • how Distortions and Generalizations work in the process of creating personal VALUES,

  • how important it is whether we are guided in life by our own VALUES,

  • whether your personal VALUES may change over the years,

  • what happens when two of our VALUES are in conflict with each other.

Sometimes you may hear that someone "has no values."  But no matter who you are, we will always find "that something" that is important to you.


The solution is whether you are aware of what your values are. We create our Life, and its shape largely depends on what values we profess and which of them are conscious and which are not.


An in-depth look at this topic can lead you to some precious discoveries:


  • e.g. answering the question of why something happens to you regularly that you do not want (part of this topic may be so-called "bad luck"),

  • understanding why you react to certain situations or people in a no different way

  • identify your internal conflicts (and, for example, understand why, after making a particular choice, you feel bad about it, although you made the best efforts to make the best possible decision)

Why is it like that?


Since our personal values are filters based on which we create our inner image of reality. Also our self-image.


Our brain works in such a way that it filters, removes, distorts, and generalizes information that comes to us from the outside and from within. In a series of articles published on the blog, you will find a comprehensive explanation of how the various filters work through which information passes into our conscious mind.

Why is working with Personal Values so effective?

The more we are unaware of our filters, the more Life happens to us. We feel that it is beyond our control and we do not feel responsible for it in the end. I will not mention the accompanying frustration.


But there is good news!


You can learn to identify your unconscious filters and follow the path of personal development to work on them better and better. It's not an easy process, but worthwhile. Because thanks to this, we take real control over ourselves and our own Life. We can then consciously decide how we react to individual external events.

After all, it is not the most important thing that happens, but how we react to it. We do not have and never will have influence over many situations. Hence, it is very helpful to learn to react in such a way that will not cause us unnecessary, unjustified pain. But the key again is awareness.

As we have mentioned many times on our website, there are no shortcuts in the area of personal development. Our world today exerts constant pressure on us, whispering or shouting: more, more, more ...

You have to develop. You have to be better than the others. You have to be faster. You have to add value etc etc etc.

And the paradox is that until you close the old door, it is not worth opening new ones. If you open a new door while the old one is still open - there will be a draft!

So before you start adding to yourself, make sure you have purged yourself of what is not yours.

Before you start creating yourself and adding more floors, provide a clean, strong, durable foundation on which you can build without any surprises.​

Summary of the benefits of working with Personal Values

So let's summarize. Personal Value is what is important to us. Our beliefs group around our Personal Values and support them. Therefore, solving a problem at the Value level very often comprehensively solves the difficulties associated with many negative beliefs.


Beliefs are descriptions of the principles by which what is important to us manifests itself in the world. Values are a way of organizing many beliefs around a single topic. Therefore, our Personal Values directly influence our beliefs.

Working at the Value level brings far-reaching and LASTING changes. We stop deceiving ourselves, become authentic, and establish a natural bond with ourselves. Everything simplifies, and there comes inner peace. Also, people around us suddenly notice that we've undergone some significant change. And they really want to know what really happened.

So you are one step away from starting this positive change.

Be well,

Ryszard Skarbek

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