Code of Coaching and Mentoring

1. Confidentiality

I guarantee 100% confidentiality regarding our cooperation. The topics

of our conversations will always remain between us. I also don't make any electronic notes from our meetings.
Also, the very fact of our cooperation will not be disclosed to anyone without your consent.

2. Trust

This is an absolutely key element.

Without it, we can never touch on really important matters.

My experience shows that it takes time to win the trust of each other.

It's completely natural.

I promise I will work hard to win your trust.


3. Freedom of Decision

At the beginning of our cooperation,

we will arrange a specific contract.
This is a contract between two adults.
Each party may terminate this contract at any time without giving reasons.
So if at some point you decide that our cooperation is not beneficial for you - please communicate clearly.


Principles of Cooperation

Duration of the Coaching Contract

The length of one contract depends on the topics we will work on. They are chosen on the first

free session. So far experience shows that, depending on the topic, 5-10-20 sessions bring the expected results.

In accordance with the principle of Freedom of Decision, you can terminate the contract at any time.

The frequency of Coaching Sessions

We meet once a week. In exceptional cases, we can cancel a session in a given week.

Duration of One Coaching Session

We start from 1h session. This duration of one meeting suits most of my Clients. Each of us is different, however, and it is perfectly natural that you may prefer a 1.5-hour session. Everything will be clarified at the beginning of our cooperation and will become part of our contract.


Work hours

I work from Monday to Thursday

between 09:00 and 18:00 CET (these are the session start times).

In exceptional, justified cases, meetings on Friday are possible.

Form of a Coaching Session

Online video calls are the main form of our sessions. I prefer the Zoom tool, but we can also talk through:
MS Teams, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook or Google. I strongly encourage you to use the computer for our conversation
(not a smartphone). This significantly affects the quality of the conversation and the benefits you will get from it.
Coaching walks take place in a jointly chosen place. I can recommend some beautiful, green places that are located

a stone's throw from Krakow.


Coaching price

First Free Session in English

I will start this session by presenting the principles of our cooperation, the method I use, as well as distinguish our roles.
And then I will start listening and asking questions.
At the end of the session, we will discuss together whether both parties want to conclude a contract and on what terms.

Coaching in English
100 € / 1 h

This means in practice that:


1h session costs EUR 100 *

1.5h session costs EUR 150 *

* Discounts are possible in the case of long-term cooperation


Psychometric Tests Price

Psymometric Tests
Free Introductory Session in English

At the request of the Client, we can arrange an additional free session during which I will present the analyzes offered.
I will also share examples of reports that the Client receives after completing the individual questionnaires.

Psychometric Tests in English
55 - 505 €

Questionnaire prices vary depending on the subject and the number of aspects that are analyzed in a given questionnaire. We'll talk about everything in detail during the dedicated free session. We can also discuss price discounts.