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Coaching Ryszard Skarbek: About me
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Project Manager
Wojciech Kalucki

My name is Wojciech Kalucki.
I am an experienced Project Manager and Consultant.

My mission

Maximize the value of your projects using customer-oriented methods.

My why

All you expect from your project is to deliver value. 
I work with leaders, teams and organizations to maximize these values. Having the latest methodologies available and the knowledge to adapt them appropriately, I know that each result can be improved. I always work according to the researched needs of you and your organization.

My goal

I created GoForValue as a learning place for professionals with a range of services to help drive the value of their initiatives. The assumption is also a partnership with other experts, which is why, together with Empowerment Coaching, we are expanding the range of mutual services.

There are different management methods, agile approaches or design thinking. You can read about it, learn about it, and try to apply it. But what's the real effect?

Only a combination of selected items that fit your organization. How to combine it? When to use
How to understand if you are going in the right direction?

There are many questions for a successful setup.

Henry Ford said if something is of no value, it is a waste.
I would like to adjust the activities in such a way that everything we touch brings only value.

My journey

I was learning to use a specific method, other times quite the opposite when it goes mixed.
There were times when low value results were marketed as great success, other times the high value delivered was not even appreciated. Sometimes ideology was more important than the results.


It all gave me the experience I needed, and the knowledge gained now allows me to lead initiatives to focus on the true value of the customer, which drives both my and my customers' successes.

That's why I went in the direction of individual consulting so that I could only focus on work,
which really provides value and satisfaction.

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