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Personal Development files for free download

A wide range of free materials for personal and professional development.

Free pdf ebooks, guidebooks, methods, techniques, tips, inspirations, quotes.

Psychology books pdf free

More e-books, guides and tests are being prepared, and they will be successively published here.


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We prepare guides, inspirations, and practical personal development techniques to support 
anyone interested in self-development.


Free guidebook: How to discover your VALUES?

This guidebook in PDF format will take you through the step-by-step process of discovering and organizing your personal VALUES.


This process has a significant advantage: simplicity. All you need is silence, a pen, and a few sheets of paper. In addition to specific instructions, the description includes examples, although there will not be too many. 

We don't want to suggest the answers to you or influence your choices.

​After completing the work, you will receive a list of 10 VALUES

most important to you and arranged in order of importance.

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Psychometric Tests: Intro

Free ebook pdf "How to Discover Your Values?"

This free pdf ebook will guide you step by step through the process of discovering and organizing your VALUES.


This process has the advantage of being simple. You will only need silence,  a pen, and a few sheets of paper. In addition to specific instructions and a step-by-step process, the e-book also includes examples. However, there will not be too many of them so as not to suggest an answer to you and not influence your choices. It has to be your job and your Values. Real, honest. Even those that you don't like at first glance.

After completing the work, you will receive a list of 10 most important VALUES for you, arranged in order of importance.

The hierarchy of values is of great importance. It is the position on the list that determines the choices we make in life. Especially in difficult or stressful situations.

Free pdf guidebook - How to discover your life values

Free ebook "How Emotions Are Made?" pdf

The undoubted advantage of the pdf ebook titled " How emotions are made? " Is a combination of the topics of emotions, beliefs, values, and needs and relating them to the most current situation of the 21st century - both in the area of the development of science and the development of modern man.

And the most valuable part of it seems to be the "Summary and Conclusions" and "8 Practical Tips" sections.

We tried to structure this ebook in such a way that, on the one hand, it would contain confirmed, authoritative knowledge, and on the other hand, it would translate this knowledge into the practical language of our everyday life and summarize everything in the form of very practical tips.

The 8 Practical Tips in this ebook can be considered a comprehensive navigation for our whole life. And practicing each of the eight points regularly can bring about very positive and relatively quickly visible changes in your life.

Free pdf ebook - How emotions are made

Free download pdf e-book "The Engaging Leader Questions Library"

A free pdf ebook titled The Engaging Leader Questions Library contains question sets to be used in both 1-on-1 meetings and team meetings. There you will find questions that build the psychological safety of an employee and naturally favor commitment.  

You will learn rephrasing techniques, meeting facilitation, and critical thinking. 

There you will also find two dedicated sections: one dedicated to a team meeting where the overall action plan is evaluated; the second is devoted to the leader's work on himself.

So much is said about leadership today. As well as about "diversity and inclusion". But can someone who is not coping with himself be a good leader for others? Especially in these difficult times when each of us has to face challenges such as pandemics, war, and the ever-increasing pace of life.

Therefore, we especially encourage you to practice the techniques contained in the section on self-development. They are designed in a special way, aimed at obtaining the highest possible comfort and satisfaction in the difficult role of a team leader.

The library was created on the basis of many coaching sessions conducted with managers and middle and senior managers.  It addresses very specific situations and contains practical solutions that also apply to working remotely.

Free pdf ebook - The Engaging Leader Questions Library

Highly Sensitive Personality Test - pdf free

Do you know what a Highly Sensitive Personality really is? This is a relatively young term, as it was formulated by the American psychologist Elaine N. Aron in the last decade of the 20th century. Elaine Aron, being a Highly Sensitive Person herself, has devoted her professional life to this topic. Thanks to her, her husband, and the research conducted by her team, a comprehensive description of this particular personality type was created.

Notably, this type of personality is associated with a specific type of nervous system that Highly Sensitive People have. They account for 20% of the total population, both women and men. It is interesting that they themselves are often unaware of their uniqueness and the talents they have been endowed with

This free pdf ebook contains the Highly Sensitive Personality Test compiled by Elaine N. Aron. In addition to the HSP Test, you will also find the interpretation of the results and the most frequently asked questions that enable you to be sure you are a Highly Sensitive Person.

In addition, among the 20 pages of this free booklet, you will also find links to credible sources of knowledge on HSP and a list of books on high sensitivity available in English.

Taking the HSP Test or reading one of Elaine N. Aron's books was a turning point in many people's lives. Both those who are HSP themselves, as well as those who are parents of highly sensitive children. It is worth emphasizing that we are born with the HSP trait and it applies to both children and adults.

If you are the parent of a highly sensitive child, our free booklet also includes links to a test that you as a parent can take yourself to assess your child for HPSP as well as a link to a separate test that your child can take on their own.

Free Test for HSP - Highly Sensitive Personality

Powerful Coaching Questions - Wisdom Pills - free download

It is a library of Cards containing inspirational quotes combined with graphics that appeal to the imagination. The pills are short. Impactful. For your reflection. And for download. You can use them freely. We also consciously chose English because of its simplicity and brevity, and very often inspiring wordplay.

Sometimes a single sentence, heard at the right moment, can open up a new flap in our heads. These are the moments of our "Aha!" or "Wow!". This is what Coaching Wisdom Pills are for. They are meant to sew like an arrow.


And because each of us is at his or her own unique stage of personal development - everyone needs a different, individual "shot" at a given moment.  

We designed the Pills using famous quotes and thoughts of wise people. Sometimes also using own reflections that appeared during - or after - the coaching session. Pills of Wisdom focus mainly on the area of Life Coaching, that is, broadly understood human development as a person. The Coaching Pills are supposed to broaden awareness, encourage you to stop, and make you think.

In addition, on this subpage, you will also find a list of inspirations and tips in text form. There are 40 of them at the moment. It's such a mini life guide. These tips will guide you to a better, more comfortable life. We hope that you will find something for yourself depending on your actual needs. Something valuable and practical.


Wise Quotes and Golden Thoughts for download

50 Cognitive Biases for free download

We often don't realize that we are subject to unconscious biases that affect our judgment and behavior.

Here you will find Cognitive Biases Cards with examples of specific situations. Cards can be downloaded and used freely.

Designed to show the essence of a given Cognitive Bias as simply as possible. Often with the use of a sense of humor. So you will find relatively many jokes and memes there. But isn't it beautiful to be able to laugh at your imperfections and mistakes (we emphasize: ours - not others)?

In addition to the graphics card library, you will also find five specific instructions on how to identify and correct your Cognitive Bias. They can prove to be very helpful especially at work - especially when you are a team leader.


50 Cognitive Biases for free download

The Wheel of Life - free pdf templates to download

The Wheel of Life is a very frequently used coaching tool. But the Wheel of Life exercise can be done independently by any person interested in self-development. For many people, the completion of the Wheel of Life and the related reflection become a turning point in life.


If you have not encountered the Wheel of Life exercise so far, I strongly encourage you to read a special column that we devoted to the Wheel of Life on our blog:

The Wheel of Life - how well do you use your time?

In addition to a comprehensive explanation of what the Circle of Life is, you will also find descriptions of time management techniques, including the description of the Eisenhower Matrix, the Pareto Principle, or the rule of planning your calendar in the proportion of 70/30.

But mostly you will find there The Wheel of Life templates ready for free download.
These Wheel of Life templates are available in pdf file format and are just a click away. You will NOT even need to enter your e-mail address.


These free templates come in different versions. All of them are ready for immediate printing, both on a color and black and white printer. There you will find different versions of colors, as well as different versions of the graphic design of the Wheel of Life.

Moreover, in addition to the blank templates of the Wheel of Life prepared for free use, you will also find examples of completed Wheels of Life, which are presented in various graphic formats.

The main pdf file for free download contains at least four different Wheel of Life templates.

Two of them are shown below.


The Wheel of Life - Template 1
The Wheel of Life - Template 2

Bestsellers Top 10 - The best books about personal development

It's really worth reading books. And the latest readership survey in Poland from April 2024 shows the first increase in 10 years. And this is mainly among young people. Way to go! So we have created a very subjective list of books about development that are worth reading. These are the most popular books on personal development. Publications that changed the lives of many people around the world and won the hearts of readers. Very practical books are at the top of this bestseller list. They include advice on making everyday decisions, managing your time, dealing with stress, and achieving goals. The further down you go, the more the publications placed there will concern the spiritual sphere. They will make you think completely differently about yourself and the world around you.

Do you want to achieve a better life, stop worrying and be successful in your professional life? First, you need to start thinking differently. Do you want to better understand yourself and the world around you? First, you need to look at everything from a different perspective. Do you want to develop appropriate skills, build healthy relationships with other people and enjoy life? Thanks to these books you will learn where to start and how to do it.

  1. Atomic habits. Small changes, extraordinary effects - James Clear

  2. Thinking traps. On thinking fast and slow - Daniel Kahneman

  3. The first book "How to Win Friends and Influence People"
    and the second "How to stop worrying and start living - Dale Carnegie

  4. Who Moved My Cheese - Spencer Johnson

  5. Awaken the giant within - Tony Robbins

  6. Lazy mind. Why is it worth constantly verifying your views and decisions - Adam Grant

  7. Sapiens. From animals to gods - Yuval Noah Harari

  8. Man's Search for Meaning - Viktor E. Frankl

  9. The Awakening - Anthony de Mello

  10. The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle


  • Conversations with God - Neale Donald Walsch

  • The Path of Love - Don Miguel Ruiz

  • The Power of the Subconscious Mind - Joseph Murphy

Our blog also has a special section where we present reviews of various publications. We encourage you to check out the items in "our bookstore". Click on the link below.

Book reviews

1. Atomowe nawyki. Drobne zmiany, niezwykłe efekty - James Clear 

2. Pułapki myślenia. O myśleniu szybkim i wolnym - Daniel Kahneman 

3. Pierwsza książka "Jak zdobyć przyjaciół i zjednać sobie ludzi"
     i druga "Jak przestać się martwić i zacząć żyć - Dale Carnegie 


5. Obudź w sobie olbrzyma - Tony Robbins 

6. Leniwy umysł. Dlaczego warto ciągle weryfikować swoje poglądy i decyzje
     - Adam Grant


7. Sapiens. Od zwierząt do bogów - Yuval Noah Harari

8. Człowiek w poszukiwaniu sensu - Viktor E. Frankl 

9. Przebudzenie - Anthony de Mello 

10. Potęga teraźniejszości - Eckhart Tolle 


Propozycją specjalną dla Pań jest książka pt. 

"Czuła przewodniczka. Kobieca droga do siebie". 

Jej autorką jest znawczyni ludzkiej psychiki i felietonistka magazynu "Wysokie Obcasy", dr psychologii Natalia de Barbaro.


a. Rozmowy z Bogiem - Neale Donald Walsch

c. Potęga podświadomości - Joseph Murphy

d. Psychologia Pieniędzy - Morgan Housel

Na naszym blogu znajduje się również specjalna sekcja, w której przedstawiamy recenzje różnych publikacji. Zachęcamy do zapoznania się pozycjami "naszej księgarni". Kliknij na poniższy link.

Recenzje książek

5 tips that can significantly influence your personal development

And as usual on our website, we have a special bonus at the end of this section. In this way, we want to appreciate your focus, determination, consistency and thank you for investing your time to get to this place. There are no shortcuts in the area of personal development.


If you have difficulty inspiring yourself, starting to act, or procrastinating - please pay attention to the verbs that you use most often. What we say shows how we think.


We all get stuck at times when things just don't move forward. We have problems with motivation and our goals seem either unattainable or too weak. In short, we don't feel inspired!

Some self-improvement experts will tell you that you need to be positive in order to improve your life. I would only agree partially because it is not always that simple. It's hard to set ambitious goals and be inspired to achieve them when you don't have the right mindset.

But if your mind is not ready to embrace more exciting goals, change will be difficult at best.

In fact, if you are not ready for it, it will be difficult to meet even small challenges. If you cannot take on small challenges, it will be impossible to change your life as much as you want.

So to create a sense of inspiration and start making changes, try starting with your first simple activity. If you shake yourself gently while taking action first, you will prepare your mind to create and pursue more exciting goals.

Below you will find 5 inspiring invitations to action that you can use right away and prepare yourself mentally for new challenges. If you use these techniques, you will naturally find yourself on a path to change. Change leads to bigger and better goals. Bigger and better goals lead to bigger challenges ... and so on and so on.

Here are 5 simple activities to inspire you and take you out of your routine.


1. Give - to a charity, someone in need, or just a friend or relative

You don't have to give something expensive or big. It is enough to show gratitude, such as a small gift or a flower. Why is it working? Giving is a very uplifting experience because it frees the mind from thinking that there is not enough of everything in the world. Giving also teaches you that there are many fun things to do. And above all, notice that by giving you start ... to act!


2. Learn - a new skill

Learn something completely new. For myself. It is not about new theoretical knowledge, but about a new skill. For example, learn to play guitar or bake a new cake. Learn a new language or play a new game (not a computer!). Why it works? Learning something new develops your nervous system and makes you think in ways you've never thought of before. And besides, it proves to you that ... you can!


3. Change - in small steps

Change especially your routine. For example, choose a different route to work tomorrow, change your typical clothing style, or hairstyle the day after tomorrow or change what you usually eat. Why it works? It reminds you of how many other possibilities are within your reach. And perhaps many pleasures that you forgot. Besides, change breeds change. If you want a big change, start with a small change.


Very often we also succumb to the belief that only big, sufficiently inspiring goals are worthwhile. And very often we make the mistake of trying to eat the elephant whole instead of breaking it up into small, manageable bites. Because doing small things is boring and not inspiring enough, right?

And today I would like to show you the power of small steps. 


Your goal can still be big, it can still be ambitious and inspiring enough. It's all about getting closer to him every day. And do it consciously, consistently and, over time, with more and more joy. And this joy will naturally result from the fact that thanks to the method of small steps you will quickly start noticing the measurable effects of your efforts. And that will make you want to continue this practice all the more.

The graphic below illustrates the power of small steps very well.

I encourage you to check it out for yourself. And I bet you pear yogurt,  that if you maintain any new small activity for 21 consecutive days - the effect of the power of small steps will positively surprise you!

Files for free download - The Power of Little Steps

4. Participate, get involved

Participate in the activities of your community, or sports team, or join a club of interest. Not remotely - physically and in person. Why it works? Participation requires social interaction and creativity to stimulate and inspire. Besides, after a two-year pandemic and confinement at home, it is even necessary to maintain or restore basic mental health.


5. Create

Create your first, even a tiny, work of art, write a short story, or make a bookshelf, or a vase for flowers, Why it works? Creation stimulates all those dormant forces that enable change in your life. You don't even suspect how much potential you have. And you can only find out about it when you try.

At the age of 55, I painted the first picture in my life. And I had no idea it would give me SOOOO MUCH joy. From then on, I paint regularly. What's more, I dragged my ... 81-year-old mother into it and my heart rejoices when I see how much joy it gives her.


Personal development - quotes

If you need inspiration and encouragement, or a signpost that will show you possible directions of development, read the quotes we have prepared about personal development. They will definitely give you an injection of motivation and tell you what is really important in your development and where it is best to start introducing changes in your life.


"People are in a hurry to work, therefore they do it carelessly; they are in a hurry to enjoy life, therefore they do not feel its taste; they are in a hurry to rest, therefore they cannot rest.​"

- Antoni Kępiński


"By working for material goods alone, we build ourselves a prison. We lock ourselves up alone, with gold crumbling in our fingers, which gives us nothing worth living for."

- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

“We become what we think about.”

- Buddha

“The art of living is less about eliminating our problems and more about growing from them.”

- Bernard Baruch

"The biggest mistake we can make in life is to give in to the fear of making a mistake."

- Elbert Hubbard

“You will never rise above what you are not willing to look in the eye.”

- Anthony de Mello

"We don't see things as they are. We see them as we are." 

 - Anais Nin

“There is nothing noble in being better than your neighbors; True nobility is being better than your former self.”

- Ernest Hemingway

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain.”

- Vivian Green

“Success is not what you have, but who you are.”

- Because Bennet

“You may have been born without wings. But the most important thing is that you don't stop them from growing up."

- Coco Chanel

“True wealth is not what your job earns you, but what it makes you.”

- Pino Pellegrino


"He who has his 'why' in life will deal with the 'how'."

- Friedrich Nietzsche

"Worry about what others think of you, and you will always be their prisoner."

- Lao Tzu

“Don't be afraid of taking a big step. You can't cross a chasm with two little ones.”

- David Lloyd George

"It's not who you are that's holding you back, it's who you think you're not."

- Denis Waitley

"A coward dies a thousand times, a brave man only dies once."

- William Shakespeare

“If you're going through hell, keep going.”

- Winston Churchill

“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful in evolving your consciousness.”

- Eckhart Tolle

“It always seems impossible until it is done.”

- Nelson Mandela

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

- Walt Disney

“To travel a thousand miles, you must take the first step.”

- Bruce Lee

“Be understanding towards yourself. Self-development is delicate; this is holy ground. There is no greater investment.”

- Stephen Covey

“If you don't spend time working to create the life you want, you will eventually be forced to spend much time dealing with a life you don't want.”

- Kevin Ngo

“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as being stuck where you don't belong.”

- NR Narayana Murthy

“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect - they make difficulties disappear and obstacles disappear.”

- John Quincy Adams

"Stay away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Little people always do that, but the truly great make you feel that you too can be great."

- Mark Twain

"Don't regret, never regret that you could have done something and didn't. You didn't do it because you couldn't." 

- Stanisław Lem

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether he is 20 or 80. Whoever continues learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”

- Henry Ford

"Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want."

- Dan Stanford

“Work ennobles. It's not a slogan. That's true. Because you feel that you can, that you know, that you are worth something, that it was worth learning, that life is beautiful because if you earn money now, you can do it later, and that if you try, everything will be fine.

- Iwona Banach

“We usually have enough time if we know how to use it properly.”

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“The average person puts 25% of their energy and ability into work. The world takes off its hat to those who give more than 50% and bends over backward to those extraordinary souls who give 100%.

- Andrew Carnegie

“Empty pockets have never stopped anyone from taking action. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do it.”

- Norman Vincent Peale

“You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

- Zig Ziglar

“People who waste time waiting for the most favorable conditions to arise will never achieve anything. The best time to act is now!”

- Mark Fisher

“To be happy, you must desire, act, and work, this is the order of nature, whose life consists in action.”

- Paul Holbach

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

- Albert Einstein

“If you want to be somewhere you've never been, you have to go down a road you've never been. If you want to achieve what you've never had, you have to do what you've never done."

- Coniguliaro Dominick

“If you do what you have always done, you will get in return what you have always gotten.”

- Tony Robbins

Goals are like a magnet, they will attract the things you need to achieve them.”

- Tony Robbins

“Obstacles shouldn't stop you. If you hit a wall, don't look back in resignation. Find a way to climb, go around, or get through.”

- Michael Jordan

“I have missed over 9,000 shots in my life. I lost over 300 matches. The 26th time I was trusted to make a winning shot and I missed. I have lost all the time in my life. That's why I've been successful.”

- Michael Jordan

“Nothing is handed to you on a plate - everyone always encounters some obstacles along the way. When they appear, think about how to overcome them, and don't think this is the end of the road.”

- Michael Jordan

“If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you're not sure you can do it, say yes!” and learn how to do it.”

- Richard Branson

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the plane takes off against the wind, not with the wind.”

- Henry Ford

“No wind is favorable to him who does not know to what port he sails.”

- Machiavelli

“Now is not the time to think about what you lack. You better think about what you can do with what you have.”

- Ernest Hemingway

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

- Peter Drucker

“How quickly 'not now' becomes 'never'.”

- Martin Luther King

“Once upon a time – there is no such day of the week.”

- Janet Dailey

“No task is particularly difficult if you break it down into smaller subtasks.”

- Henry Ford

“Personal development is a major time saver. The better you become, the less time it takes you to achieve your goals.”

- Brian Tracy

“Your fate depends on your habits.”

- Brian Tracy

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