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Remote Work Coaching

At the moment, most of us can no longer imagine working in a mode other than the hybrid. And yet so recently we got up to work every day and went to the company, office, school, university. The pandemic has changed our lives enormously. Today it is difficult to imagine our existence without an efficient internet connection. But, like everything in our lives, this change brings opportunities and dangers. The positives and negatives. And it depends on us how well we adapt to this change and how we use it wisely.

Remote Work Coaching - what are the benefits of such sessions?

Remote work from home has blurred the line between private and professional life. What's more, if our partner/spouse also works from home, if we have children who also learn remotely - everything ends up in one boiler, mixes up, and puts us in huge challenges. It is getting harder and harder to get peace, and privacy, and the boundaries are more and more blurred.

Remote Work Coaching will help you redraw the boundaries anew and equip you with specific techniques that will separate the world of work from your private life. It will also teach you to communicate maturely with your family members and will arm you with the ability to work out compromises.  

In the area of work itself, you will learn techniques for preparing and conducting video calls, presenting your work, organizing your time, securing space for independent work, and convincingly reporting your progress.  

If you are a team leader, your knowledge will expand to include understanding what is especially important for your team members in remote work. Maintaining a balance between control and support, empathy, the ability to conduct remote meetings, engaging all team members, and quickly recognizing the difficulties your people are struggling with - all this will become your strength. The ability to support selected people in crisis situations will also be important.

And all of this will be possible if you learn to take care of yourself wisely in the first place. Because you cannot give to others what you do not have yourself.

Remote Work Coaching - the course of the coaching contract

Standard cooperation is as follows:

  • the duration of one session is 1 clock hour

  • the cost of one session is EUR 100+VAT

  • meetings are held remotely, using instant messaging (e.g. the Zoom tool) from Monday to Thursday

  • and because we will work remotely, we will also practice specific techniques during our sessions

This is, of course, the starting point, and we can adapt our coaching contract to your individual needs. The duration of sessions and their number may vary so that you get the most out of Remote Work Coaching.

Remote Work Coaching - Empowerment Coaching Krakow
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