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And because the blog is mainly in Polish, the Pills of Wisdom are in English.

But not only! We also have a surprise for you in Polish.

You will find here links to Polish quotes about life and happiness collected by us,

as well as quotes about work, success, money, and business.

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What are Wisdom Pills? These are thoughts, reflections, quotes from famous people, and often also uncomfortable questions - and all this is combined with graphics that inspire and trigger the imagination. 

These are motivational quotes

Quotes about life

Quotes about personal development

These are inspirational quotes!

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Why Coaching Pills of Wisdom?

It will be a cliché to say that one picture speaks more than a thousand words. But it is so. Moreover, each of us has our own preferred style of obtaining information and making decisions. And it depends on which of our five senses is the dominant one. This is the so-called modality.

By the way, please consider how you like to make decisions: do you prefer to be alone in silence or do you prefer group discussions? How do you learn best? Is it by reading written documents, or maybe watching presentations or listening to other people? In the answers to these questions, you will find tips on your personal modalities. And if you are not sure about them - Psychometric Tests can help a lot.

It is no coincidence that the world uses more and more icons, pictures and movies. They make understanding intuitive and make the process of learning new things very quick.

Therefore, on our website you will also find inspirations that are a combination of strong questions and graphics that appeal to your imagination.

We called them Coaching Wisdom Pills because they very often accurately put the heart of the matter in one sentence.

These are very often famous quotes, inspirations, thoughts of wise people as well as strong coaching questions, which broaden the perspective of looking and are strikingly effective.

One of the many practices of personal development is to choose one of your thoughts each week and to contemplate it consciously. And at the end of the week, a summary of the process with one simple but extremely valuable question:

What have I learned this week?  About myself, about my relatives, about the world? About man?

Quotes about happy life and happiness - in Polish

In a dedicated post that appeared on our blog, we have also collected a long list of beautiful thoughts and quotes about happiness, a happy life, the search for happiness, and above all about what is really important in life. At the moment there are over 80 of them. We regularly supplement this list with new, discovered gems and we are almost sure that their number will soon exceed 100, and maybe much more in the future.

There you will find extremely accurate and wise thoughts of such great minds as the Dalai Lama, Noam Chomsky, Pablo Picasso, Albert Einstein, Leo Tolstoy, Karl Gustav Jung, Arthur Schopenhauer, Sigmund Freud, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Voltaire, Confucius, Marcus Aurelius, and Cicero.

But it is not everything! You will also learn extremely penetrating and sometimes perverse thoughts and quotes from such people as Marilyn Monroe, Monica Belucci, Johnny Depp or Rober de Niro, and among Polish personalities you will find, for example, our Nobel laureate Wisława Szymborska, Maria Czubaszek, Stanisław Lem, Rafał Bryndal, Antoni Słonimski or Jerzy Wetulani.

What's more! Among the quotes you will also find Chinese, Scottish or African proverbs - all supported by deep life wisdom and showing how a given national culture can accurately conclude a selected aspect of our life.

Mądre Cytaty o Szczęściu i Szczęśliwym Życiu.jpg

Quotes about work, business, money and success - in Polish

In another dedicated post posted on our blog, we have compiled another long list of wise and strong thoughts. This time they concern our work, business, money, and the notion of success, which has been so famous in recent years. 

We chose them in a special way. These wise thoughts and quotes from great people of today's business (but not only!) Are meant to make you reflect on what wealth really is? Can we call success achieved at the expense of health or our loved ones a success? Whether money certainly plays such an important role in our lives, or maybe we let ourselves be persuaded to do so?

Right now, you will find over 60 quotes about work, business, money, and success in your list. And just like with happiness quotes, we regularly extend this list with new, noteworthy quotes.

W tej chwili znajdziesz tam myśli tak uznanych autorytetów jak Steve Jobs, Sir Richard Branson, Leo Burnett, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, Winston Churchill, Stephen Covey, Peter Drucker, Michael Jordan, Simon Sinek, Coco Chanel, Estee Lauder czy Tim Ferris.  

But again, that's not all!   Among Polish personalities you will find, for example, Andrzej Blikle, Jacek Walkiewicz, Katarzyna Grochola, Andrzej Majewski, Andrzej Sapkowski and Andrzej Lepper.

Cytaty o Pracy-Biznesie-Pieniądzach-Sukcesie.jpg

Inspirations and tips on Personal Development

And as a reward that you have read patiently up to this point, we present a list of inspirations and tips that will lead you to a better, more comfortable life. However, please use them wisely. Each of us is at a different stage in our lives, each has different needs and different lessons to work through. And that's absolutely OK. This is the beauty of the world and its diversity. In fact, we are all on the same developmental journey. We only start from a different place and choose different routes, but there are many indications that sooner or later we will meet in the same place.

To a large extent, these tips, hints, and inspirations are the result of many coaching sessions. Ran with the same people like you and me. And just like you and me, sometimes encountering an "obstacle" that needs to be worked on wisely to create a new, better version of yourself.


Perhaps the same fact will be a positive inspiration for you. As the folk saying goes: "someone else's obstacles strengthen." And seriously speaking: we want to emphasize once again that we are all on the same developmental journey.


So today, choose from this list only those inspirations that most resonate with you. Preferably no more than three. And start doing it. Practice. Practice. Regularly.


One activity for at least 3 weeks (according to research, this is how long an adult needs to develop a new habit).

A list of specific guidelines for Personal Development

Here is our list of concrete and practical tips for Personal Development. To be used immediately, for everyday use. As one of the Wisdom Pills we published says:


"20 minutes of doing something is better for your development than 20 hours of thinking about doing something".


So take the first little step!

  1. Make a conscious effort to live in the moment to appreciate and be thankful for yourself and others around you.

  2. Several times a day, stop what you are doing to observe what others are doing. Write down people and events that somehow inspire you.

  3. Develop and write down strategies to help you combat doubt, fear, and making excuses.

  4. When interacting with different people, pay attention to strong emotions such as anger, fear, impatience, etc. Consider if and how each interaction and emotion helps you become a better person or achieve your goal.

  5. We all need a little "hard love" and direct honesty at times. Examine your attitudes and actions. Do they foster an atmosphere of honesty and openness?

  6. For each of your important goals, set a few people or role models who have achieved a similar goal.

  7. Every day try to inspire someone who is going through difficult times. In other words, offer someone help or do your best to be polite.

  8. Write down the realistic and unrealistic fears that come to your mind as you try to achieve your goal. For the most frequent ones, counter them with a positive reminder that will strengthen you and inspire you to continue your chosen path or complete a task.

  9. The things you do that are uncomfortable, somewhat painful, or difficult to do help you "exercise" or develop some area of your life. The more you exercise and develop an aspect of yourself, the stronger you will become, until even you are surprised by your strength.

  10. Sometimes it's hard to see yourself objectively or as others see you. This includes both your strengths and underdeveloped areas. Talk to other people for details on the aspects they feel should be looked at and the perspective to be used.

  11. Accept your strong feelings, but also agree that they will change over time. Don't let your emotions negatively affect you, keep you from making progress, or force you to quit. Make good choices from a rational position.

  12. When you feel strong and content with yourself, write down and remember the things (or people) that inspired you to go beyond what you feared.

  13. Set a bigger, aspirational goal for yourself. Describe exactly what you want to achieve. And then break it down into smaller SMART goals. They will guide you step by step towards achieving each minor goal and ultimately guide you towards the ultimate greater goal and success.

  14. Your gratitude and appreciation help inspire both yourself and others. Remember times when you inspired or helped someone else through a simple act of kindness.

  15. When someone comes to you for some help, opinion, suggestion, etc., realize that that person sees you as a leader, authority, or simply values you. Help her and keep doing good work by inspiring others.

  16. Be careful about your attitude, emotions, spoken words, and non-verbal communication every time you interact with people. If you are not in a "help or kindness" mood, you may inadvertently send bad news and make others feel bad.

  17. If you are not achieving the success you want, spend more time participating in inspiring and encouraging activities that will give you new energy and will bring you back to achieving your goals with renewed strength.

  18. Keep your hope alive. As long as you keep trying, you have a good chance of achieving your goal. Don't let yourself give up on trying and hoping for the future too quickly.

  19. Inspire yourself and others with positive, affirmative statements and reminders about how your strengths have made it possible for you (or others) to succeed. Relive it!

  20. Practice turning negative events and actions into positive ones. Identify how those negative experiences helped you make the changes that later helped you succeed. In fact, we learn the most from mistakes.

  21. Make a conscious effort to keep your focus on the positives, no matter how small they may be. Consciously entering into a positive attitude contributes to a higher level of inspiration and self-confidence.

  22. Make a list of strategies and actions that are encouraging to you. Use them to fend off discouraging comments from others or your own negative internal conversation.

  23. Everyone grows and develops at a different pace. Give yourself permission to grow outside of the people around you. You can outgrow some people completely or to some extent. Don't let people who don't want to grow drag you down.

  24. Learning the lessons the "hard way" is often painful. When the wound heals and the pain is gone, it is much easier to see how the "ugly" experience has turned you into a beautiful new person. Remember times like this from the past.

  25. When you are under pressure and stress, identify the parts of your body that are tense or painful. This is a sign that your mental or physical strength is growing. Confirm this with a deep, relaxing breath and a positive phrase like "I can" or "This is not how this story is going to end!" Choose your reaction consciously.

  26. Be understanding and patient with yourself. Concentrate on taking actions that lead you to achieve your goal. It's better to achieve your goals slower than expected than to go so fast that you will miss important lessons and insights from the entire process.

  27. As your life changes, your circle of connections grows and changes. Focus on friendships based on pre-existing, long-term, deep relationships. They help you maintain a constant source of support and stability, no matter where you are or how your life changes.

  28. When you feel confused or overwhelmed by what you need to do, practice silencing your mind's inner monologue and let your spirit guide you.

  29. Accept and appreciate yourself as you are. Your healthy self-love and confidence will radiate and inspire others while reminding you that you are worthwhile.

  30. Focus on your experience. Observe and be mindful. The small changes and small steps you take often teach more important aspects than ultimately achieving your main goal. These lessons and insights are only yours because others rarely see your personal journey, step by step.

  31. When you need inspiration, look at things from a different perspective or mindset. Going beyond your comfort zone allows you to see new, inspiring aspects, instead of repeating the same old, known ideas.

  32. Wrap your attitude and perspective in a thick layer of optimism and self-confidence. This will protect you from the little things that dampen your enthusiasm.

  33. Develop your ability to think positively (but not naively). The more positive you are, the more likely you are to achieve your goals. Remember that you are always right. If you think you can't, you won't. If you think you can do it, you will find a solution.

  34. Being "normal" is not all there is in this world! It is the somewhat "strange" people who come up with the most ingenious solutions. And then we "normal" people regret that we did not think about it, and yet we had it right in front of our eyes. Enjoy your uniqueness.

  35. Whether you need inspiration or want to inspire others, be aware of your feelings and attitude. Even when you smile, non-verbal cues can let others know that you are frustrated or dissatisfied. Learn to control non-verbal communication. It accounts for over 70% of all human communication. Thanks to this, you will send a consistent message that will be credible to the people around you.

  36. Create a list of people, places, events, stories/books, etc. that have inspired you to achieve your goals in the past. Come back to it regularly. See if you can adjust any of the items on the list to make good decisions that suit your current needs and situation.

  37. When you set a goal, make an extra note to remind yourself of what excites you about it and keep you interested in reaching it. Keeping excited is one of the most important strategies to help ensure you are successful and achieve your goals.

  38. To repeat the success of previous achievements, it is important to follow the previous "good recipe". This is the case, for example, with baking a cake. Don't try to cut corners. Doing the right thing consistently will empower you to follow your path. And it will make you proud of yourself.

  39. To increase your own inspiration, inspire someone who has not yet reached your level of experience or knowledge. It is also a great way for your own personal development. We learn best ourselves when we are to teach others. Then we organize our knowledge and start to notice what we have not seen so far.

  40. When you doubt yourself, build your self-esteem and self-confidence by helping others. Especially those who do not have the virtues with which you have been blessed.