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Life Coaching

Sometimes it happens that the amount of problems that we have to face in life piles up. There is frustration, a feeling of powerlessness and lack of life energy. We lose our sober judgment of the situation and distance to ourselves. We have the impression that we have reached a dead end. 

Sometimes we just need support. None of us are heroes. And the ability to wisely ask for help is valuable in itself. In fact, only strong people can ask for help and are not afraid that it will be considered a weakness. A life coach can be very helpful in getting you back on track and enjoying your life.

Life Coaching - when can it help you the most?

We meet so that you can get to know yourself and your own needs better, define your values, find answers to difficult questions, and develop a specific action plan. Often the crux of the matter is to ask yourself the right questions first. For example: what is important to me in life? Sometimes you need to take a step back if only to see the situation better, see new opportunities, and gain momentum to act. Actions in the right, consciously chosen by you direction. This will definitely help in better defining the problem you really want to solve and the goal you want to achieve. And it will greatly accelerate you on the path to achieving these goals, especially personal goals. Not to mention that thanks to the work of the coach there will be a noticeable increase in the quality of your life. 

As the International Coach Federation, the largest international organization associating professional life coaches around the world, writes, "Coaching is accompanying the client in a creative process that encourages thinking and inspires to maximize professional and personal potential."

Life Coach will help you if:

  • you are facing an important choice or change that you are afraid of,

  • you feel that the level of life energy has drastically decreased,

  • you don't feel like you own your life

  • you have trouble setting your personal goals,

  • you don't know how to set your priorities in life,

  • you are constantly rushing and would like to stop to think about things that are important to you,

  • you're confused and you don't know which way to go next,

  • there are topics in the area of personal development that you would like to discuss with someone impartial and experienced,

  • You started doubting yourself and your abilities

  • you have a problem with self-esteem,

  • you would like to "achieve success", but you don't know how,

  • you have the impression that people have stopped understanding you,

  • you have trouble reconciling private and professional life,

  • you can't cope with stress and you miss a sense of balance and inner peace,

  • you need support and a person who will positively motivate you and support you in achieving your goals,

  • would you like to learn practical skills regarding e.g. self-regulation, dealing with emotions, managing your energy, interpersonal relationships, interpersonal communication, and above all, the ability to look at yourself from a completely different perspective - a supportive, understanding, but wisely demanding perspective.

Who  is Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a professionally prepared person who helps the client define goals to be achieved in the area of personal development, supports the client in designing a plan that leads to the achievement of these goals, and accompanies and motivates during the implementation of the plan.

It is a person who helps you get to know yourself better and realize your personality, needs, and personal values. Life Coach is also a professional who helps to identify limiting beliefs and illusions (both about yourself and about the surrounding world) and reformulate them into more beneficial ones for the client. It is also a trusted companion who helps in solving various life problems, overcoming obstacles encountered, and going through significant change. A life coach is also someone who supports the client to see the possibilities and alternatives that the client does not see himself.

It is very good if the Life Coach is a life-experienced person himself. He has experienced a lot, he knows that life can "play various tricks" and it is not always possible to find a simple answer. It is essential for him to be a person with the highest level of ethics, to have a professional and constantly improved set of skills, and at the same time to be an empathetic person, curious about the world and people, and full of humility.

Life Coaching - rules for running a session

Each of us is unique. Therefore, our approach, especially to Life Coaching, is very individual. The duration of individual coaching sessions is also adapted to your needs, your personality, and the topic you come up with. In our work with the client, we usually agree on this during the contract concluded during the first free introductory session, and it is you who decides about it.

The general rules are as follows:

  • sessions last 1-1.5 hours. In special cases even longer,

  • we meet regularly once a week. This rhythm is very important,

  • the price of one hour of Life Coaching is EUR 100 VAT,

  • conversations take place using secure instant messengers (e.g. Zoom, Skype, Google Meet),

  • we work from Monday to Thursday. In exceptional cases, it is possible to arrange a meeting on another day of the week,

  • in our cooperation, we can also use Psychometric Tests, which help us better understand ourselves and significantly accelerate our development progress.

The work of a life coach is not intended to imitate or replace psychotherapy. If we decide that the help of another specialist is advisable, we will tell you about it openly.

Being a life coach means gathering experiences that teach humility, sensitivity, and caution. Completed postgraduate studies are not enough. Each client is like a unique painting in which unique combinations of colors and shadows intertwine. Each cooperation with a client is an extremely individual journey. So you won't hear from us simple and only right recipes for a happy life - each story is unique in its kind. 

However, what we can promise you is work according to the highest ethical standards (e.g. International Coach Federation) and supervision of our work and, if necessary, consultation of the life coach's work with specialists in the field of psychotherapy. It is also about using effective tools and skillfully guiding you to achieve your goals.

Pierwsza 1h konsultacja coachingowa jest bezpłatna. Wybierz specjalistę i dowiedz się jak wygląda pełny proces

Bez względu na to w jakiej sytuacji się teraz znajdujesz, zachęcamy Cię do umówienia bezpłatnej 1h konsultacji wstępnej. Na dedykowanej stronie pt. "Jak wygląda pierwsza sesja?" opisaliśmy szczegółowo czego się możesz po niej spodziewać. Przeczytaj, i jeśli uznasz, że warto, umów się na bezpłatną rozmowę! Dopiero po jej zakończeniu zdecydujesz o ewentualnej kontynuacji naszych spotkań.

Life coaching – first inspirations and tips

Even if you don't need life coaching at the moment, but you are interested in personal development and creating the best version of yourself. - we invite you to take advantage of the first inspirations and tips.

As Richard P. Feynman, Nobel Prize winner, recognized in 1999 as one of the ten greatest physicists of all time, said: 'Knowledge isn't free. You have to pay attention".

Stop for a moment and read some texts that help you look at the topics of personal development from very different perspectives. There you will also find free tools that will help you work on your self-development.

Life Coaching - Empowerment Coaching Krakow
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