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Life Coaching

Sometimes it happens that the number of problems that we have to deal with in life builds up. There is frustration, a feeling of powerlessness, and a lack of life energy. We lose our rational judgment and distance to ourselves. We have the impression that we are at a dead end. 

We just need support sometimes. None of us are heroes. And the ability to wisely ask for help is valuable in itself. In fact, only strong people can ask for help and are not afraid that it will be considered a weakness.

Life Coaching - when can it help you the most?

We meet so that you can get to know yourself better, find answers to difficult questions and develop a specific plan of action. Often the heart of the matter is to ask yourself the right questions first. For example: What is important to me in life? Sometimes you have to take a step back, if only to see the situation better, see new opportunities, and gain momentum to act. Action in the right, consciously chosen by you, direction.

Life coaching will help you if:

  • you are faced with an important choice or a change that you fear

  • you feel that your life energy has dropped drastically

  • you don't feel like the owner of your life

  • you are rushing constantly and you would like to stop to think about the matters that are important to you

  • you are confused and you don't know which way to go next

  • you started to doubt yourself and your abilities

  • you get the feeling that people don't understand you

  • you have trouble reconciling private and professional life

  • you can't cope with stress and you miss a sense of balance and inner peace

Life Coaching - rules for running a session

Each of us is unique. Therefore, my approach, especially to Life Coaching, is very individual. Also, the duration of individual sessions is adapted to the needs and personality of the client and the topic with which he comes. We usually agree on this during the contract concluded at the first free introductory session and it is the customer who decides about it.

The general rules are as follows:

  • sessions last 1-1.5 hours. In special cases, even longer

  • we meet regularly once a week. This rhythm is very important

  • the cost of one hour is EUR 100+VAT

  • conversations take place using popular and secure instant messengers (e.g. Zoom, Skype, Google Meet)

  • we work from Monday to Thursday. In exceptional cases, it is possible to arrange a meeting on another day of the week

  • in our cooperation, we can also use Psychometric Tests, which help us better understand ourselves and significantly accelerate progress in the development

Life coaching is not intended to imitate or replace psychotherapy. If the coach decides that the help of another specialist is advisable - he/she will tell you openly.

Life Coaching-Empowerment Coaching Krakow
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