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Leadership Coaching

In each team, its members play a variety of roles. Some are more active, others stay aside, and others are great at relieving the tense atmosphere. Some are more creative and willing to act, while others are more analytical and methodical. They are all linked by one person - the leader. This position is imposed on some from above, while in other cases such a leader naturally emerges. Each time, however, this role is associated with a great sense of responsibility - not only for achieving the goals set for the team, but also for its individual members.

Leadership Coaching - what can such sessions give you?

Performing the role of a leader brings to mind such concepts as achieving set goals, planning and organizing teamwork, providing the team with all the resources necessary to perform tasks, delegating tasks, resolving conflicts, providing feedback, supporting members in the development, talent development, succession planning, and undertaking decision.

And nowadays, more and more flexibility, innovation, empathy, and supportive attitude.


However, if we want to build the functioning of the team on authenticity and trust, we must not forget about proper communication. It is the basis of the group's activities. Leadership Coaching helps a lot in increasing your skills in this area.

But most of all, for a leader to be able to lead others effectively, one must first manage himself wisely. And this requires self-awareness, the willingness and ability to learn, as well as consistency in working on oneself.

The leader has many obligations both towards the employees he manages and his superiors. During the coaching sessions, the coach may draw attention to aspects related to management and leadership that you would not even think of.


In our case, the experience gained while working in HR, Finance, IT, and Project  Management departments allowed us to gain a broader perspective on team management, which we are happy to share with our clients. Together, we will strive to increase your leadership skills so that your management style is based on your strengths and naturally creates in the team an atmosphere of trust and willingness to cooperate. The ability to manage your boss is also essential.

Leadership Coaching - the course of the session

The standard course of the session is as follows:

  • the duration of one session is 1 clock hour

  • the cost of one session is EUR 100+VAT

  • meetings are held using instant messaging (e.g. the Zoom tool) from Monday to Thursday.

However, this is only a starting point, and we can adapt our meetings to your individual needs. The duration of the sessions, their date, and their number may vary so that you get the most out of Leadership Coaching meetings.

Different Leadership Styles

Even if you do not intend to take advantage of leadership coaching, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the information collected on our coaching portal, which presents different leadership and management styles. Various authors and various leading consulting companies present different classifications of leadership styles. Sometimes the same style has a slightly different name. Therefore, we encourage you to organize your knowledge on this subject, as well as to familiarize yourself with the latest trends and the changes that the Covid-19 pandemic has forced.

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