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Today we are entering the ground of competition and pressure, uncertainty and anxiety, fatigue and repetition. So we're going to our beloved… job.

For this column, I was inspired by a comment posted under one of the LinkedIn posts:

“For me, as an employee, the most important effects for the company are not. If I had a choice between working for a man with whom you do not know what to expect or for a predictable but slightly less successful boss, I would always choose the latter. I am more interested in calm and stable work than in achieving results for the company. "

I also prefer a predictable and "normal" boss. I had many, and the vast majority of them were foreigners. They represented so many styles, so many shades related to their country of origin and its culture. So which "leadership style" is the best (for me)? As a subordinate (I don't like this term because it smells like feudal submission), do I have to adapt to the style of my new boss every time? Will I then lose myself and become a conglomerate of my bosses' expectations?

Let's try to start with the foundations. An employment contract is a contract. I do the job and the company pays me for this "service". However, every private company exists to earn money. This is its meaning and purpose. And I may be brutal here, but even any training systems designed to develop employee skills are ultimately aimed at maximizing profit for the company.