Life Values Coaching. Do you know the value of your time?

Empowerment Coaching Krakow Blog-Do you know th evalue of your time

Imagine that a certain bank transfers 86,400 $ to your account every morning. The balance remaining from one day is not transferred to the next day. Anything that has not been used on a given day will disappear from the account on the same night. What would you do then?

Of course, you withdraw every penny every day !!!

Each of us has such a bank. It’s TIME.

Every morning you are given 86,400 seconds as a gift. What you have not used up meaningfully is written off to you as a loss every night. There is no balance transfer. It is also not possible to pay anything “in advance”.

Every morning a completely new account is opened for you. Every night, the remains of the previous day are burned. If you haven’t used up your entire deposit => your loss. You can’t go back. You cannot borrow anything from “tomorrow”.