I'm busy, therefore I am

Empowerment Coaching Blog-I am busy therefore I am

We have created times that are 'crazy busy'. Everyone is chasing somewhere, in a hurry. We rush from one call to another. we even go to the bathroom with our headphones on. When we are dealing with one issue, we feel as if we should be doing something else.

Isn’t it a paradox that technological inventions have caught us in this trap? But did they catch us or did we ourselves?

The technology was to help us simplify many routine activities and free us from what is tedious and less important. We have invented the car, the washing machine, microwave, mobile phone, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, and finally e-mail and the Internet. What happened to the time they were going to save us?

Today lack of time almost determines the importance of a person. Your inaccessibility determines your rank, especially at work. If you are not busy, you are not someone to be reckoned with. If your cell phone is not ringing or texting constantly, you hardly exist.