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What Does Einstein’s Theory Have to Do with Personal Development?

Empowerment Coaching Blog-What Does Einteins Theory Have to Do with Personal Development

Each of us surely knows the famous Einstein equation: E = mc2 In every school in this world, it is on the physics curriculum. Usually, it is accompanied by tasks related to space travel, the speed of light, and the famous example of twins aging at different paces.

How do you think, how many schools teach what impact Einstein’s discoveries have on our personal development, and on understanding who we humans are?

I bet big yogurt that we won’t meet such a primary and secondary school. College? Perhaps there already are some.

Moreover, I think that some of you reading this introduction ask yourself: do these discoveries have any impact at all? What does one have to do with the other?

So let’s go back a bit in time first.

Energy - Einstein's discovery

Before Einstein presented his theory of relativity, our world was described by the principles of Newton’s physics. They are based on the assumption that the contents of this world are made of solids governed by the law of gravity.

Even when Newton’s principles were extended to the domain of atoms in the nineteenth century, it was still a fundamental claim that electrons or protons are the smallest component of matter, its elementary particle.

Einstein actually turned everything upside down. For he proved that these smallest particles are not really particles. That is something solid, permanent, and unchanging, but a constantly vibrating energy that manifests itself as something solid, as something material.

If we looked through a microscope at the “interior” of wood or metal, we would notice with surprise that:

  • most of the content of these solids is void. The spaces between the “particles” are disproportionately large to the “space” that these particles occupy. The proportional size of this void is about the same as the void surrounding the planets.

  • The “particles” are in constant motion. They vibrate constantly. Nothing is really motionless, unchanging, and “permanent” in the sense of our common understanding of the solidity of a table made of good wood.

In other words, nothing is as it seems. Everything vibrates.

Everything is energy. Or it would be better to say: that energy is everything.

The same is true of our bodies. Do you know that the human body exchanges about 2.5 kg of cells per day? Do we, therefore, realize that we wake up as new people every morning? Isn’t that amazing?

Personal development through the prism of Einstein's Theory - the vibration of energy in any form

Isn’t it amazing that we humans, at the lowest level, are the same as trees, shrubs, flowers, air, and any form of life in this world? If energy is everything, then our thoughts are also. Our prayer is energy. Our jealousy is energy. Our love is so too.

And because, at the lowest level, everything vibrates and changes constantly, so everything also influences each other. To use the language of physicists, you can say that we live in one great “quantum soup” of energy. Interestingly, time and space (distance) do not matter there (more on that in the next articles).

Certainly, more than once you met a man who emitted bad energy.

We don’t like being among such people. Among those who complain, are bitter, sad, or aggressive. After such a meeting, we collapse. We withdraw or we become irritated. Our vibration level is dropping.

And vice versa. Participation in good training, talking to a wise person, a person who emanates warmth — gives us strength. Isn’t the term “to emanate” an energy concept 🙂

Therefore, first of all, let us be careful with our own thoughts. They primarily affect us and our well-being. They raise or lower our vibration. In the literal physical sense.

“Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.”

The influence of music vibrations on humans

It is no accident that music can have a beneficial effect on us. It is also a vibration of a certain frequency, harmonics, and amplitude.

It is no coincidence that certain colors evoke certain feelings in us. It is also the vibration of reflected light with a specific frequency.

I won’t even mention “clean”, healthy food.

By the way, I wonder if there is anyone who feels energized after visiting a shopping mall.

Influence of Nature's vibrations on man

So as far as we can, let’s look for places where we feel a high level of good energy. And it is not a coincidence (or a myth) that healthy nature and virgin forests have a healing effect on us.

For example, birch is considered the most human-friendly tree — it neutralizes harmful radiation and, like beech, fills you with inner peace. Birch can also strengthen our body, eliminate tension, and speed up wound healing.

Contact with this tree is especially recommended for people who cannot be proud of their well-being and for those who are looking for creative inspiration. And once again it is no coincidence that birch sap is recommended for convalescents, even for those struggling with the most severe diseases.

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