Loneliness Coaching. Peace at what cost?

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"Life is for living, not for understanding"

Author unknown

Today it will be a bit about the Internet, blogs, and human loneliness. I do not have everything in order yet, and at the moment I do not know how my thoughts will go further. However, I like this state. This moment, when a certain reflection appears and, like a beautiful girl, tempts: although follow me, find out more, you will find yourself ...

If you feel loved, if you accept yourself, you feel that you are valuable. Regardless of external circumstances. So you don't need to gain this self-esteem by constantly acting, by confirming yourself in it, and by achieving external goals.

The need for love is associated with loneliness. The theme of human loneliness is a river theme. We constantly move between our loneliness and individual identity during our journey on this Earth and being with someone, or with a group, at the cost of possible compromises.