Imposter syndrome

Empowerment Coaching Krakow Blog-Imposter syndrome at work

You work hard to get recognized. You have the constant feeling that you are not getting things done well enough. As if you are missing something inside. As if you aren't good enough.

Instead of enjoying life in your free time, you sit in front of the computer, looking for more e-books or training. You have the constant feeling that others know more than you, that you are constantly missing out on something.

Or maybe you always have to do some work first to give yourself the right to rest. Or you will not rest until you have completed your assigned task. Sometimes even at the cost of sleeping or declining an invitation to meet friends.

Moreover, maybe even if you achieve success, even if you are praised by others, you don't really enjoy it. You yourself are not convinced that what you have done has been appreciated, and some vague voice inside whispers to you that you need to be vigilant.