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TED Video - Projecting your personal shadow

In this talk, Dr. Mortenson takes us from feeling helpless to being able to act effectively, focusing on the Personal Shadow and explaining how we project our Personal Shadow onto other people. Steve Mortenson is a professor of communications at the University of Delaware. His teaching and research focus on skillful communication, emotional management, and effective leadership.

How we project our Personal Shadow onto others

Dr. Mortenson in an extremely neat way explains what the Personal Shadow is, when it arises, and what impact it has on our lives. It also shows in a very practical way how our Personal Shadow affects our relationships with people.

As he says, "When we withdraw, we lose personal strength ... We lose the ability not to do and say things that we will later regret."

The Link Between Personal Shadow and Healthy Assertiveness

This speech is also addressing an extremely important aspect of saying 'No' in a polite and composed way.

Please dedicate 15 min to watching this video. It will equip you with the powerful realization that can affect in a very positive way all your interpersonal interactions: at work, at home, and in society.

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