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Can spirituality be an escape from reality?

Empowerment Coaching Krakow Blog-Can spirituality be an escape from reality

Today I would like to raise a quite controversial topic, especially on the blog, which concerns, among others, personal development. But I believe that it is by examining different perspectives, by carefully listening to our opponents and not rejecting their opinions at once, that we have a chance to take another step forward and become fuller. Thanks to this, we learn, and expand both our knowledge and our awareness.

Today I would like to ask: can spirituality be an escape from reality?

Following Socrates' good advice, I will begin by defining what in this post I will understand by:

spirituality - the sphere of human inner life related to the search for answers to the questions: Who am I? What is the meaning of life? Is there a God?

reality - here understood in a colloquial way. The "world" that is external to us. Space and time we live in here on Earth. The people we are with and meet. Work, leisure, errands, loans, bills, leaking tap, rising interest rates, so-called "daily"…

So, isn't spirituality an attempt to escape reality in order to avoid effort, unresolved problems, discomfort, and pressure?

In an ever-faster speeding world, spirituality is a very tempting alternative that allows you to believe in something, let you catch your breath, hear yourself, stop for a moment, take a distance and "touch the sky". Without this possibility, many of us would probably get completely lost in the problems of everyday life.

But on the other hand, spirituality can also be a convenient escape, turning away from a dripping tap and rising interest rates. Quite a complete negation of the material world - the "worse world", less worthy. This everyday life is then something minor, something not worth attention.

After all, we are in a better world: self-awareness and self-development, contact with the "higher self". Others "asleep" will not understand what we mean, because ... they are "asleep" 😇 And they remain so far behind us on the path of true development. But apart from that, we sincerely love them ...

But is this our inner world of spirituality really true? Is it not so often that we created it precisely because we cannot cope with everyday life, we are unable to face it?

Where is the line between exaltation and spirituality?

Where is the boundary between being egoistic and consciously developing yourself - for the good of yourself and for the good of OTHERS? Especially when we are responsible for others - e.g. for children.

OSHO, Ken Wilber (and many other renowned thinkers of recent decades) have always emphasized and still insist that there is a certain order of things.

First, you have to do your homework from the lower level to be able to move to the higher level (BTW strange similarity with computer games 🤖

Only then does the integration of the previous one take place at the next level, and only then

we do develop harmoniously. Otherwise, something will always be missing

and we will always be artificial in some areas.

So is it not that you should not jump too quickly to the upper level of the ladder without even touching all the initial rungs of the ladder first? For example, to be able to understand those who are on these levels. Isn't it that you first need to have strong legs and good ground to be able to start working on the wings and take a good lift? (by the way, nature did not deprive the birds of their legs - a coincidence?)

Of course, you can say that you don't have to stand out in order to fly. All you have to do is go to a high peak, take a step forward, and let yourself be carried away by the winds. But first, you have to STEP to this peak 😊

So, is it possible to start flying in the sky if you have not learned to walk well first?

Who is doing more good to this world: a nun who runs a kitchen for the homeless or a monk who meditates in isolation?

Or maybe it should be just "two in one"?

What do you think about it?

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