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Sometimes it takes silence to hear yourself well. Especially when difficult decisions await us. Sometimes you have to stop, and take a step back. To make some progress later. In the right direction.

Sometimes you have to switch to listening completely. So that you can see yourself better in the mirror of other people's statements. "Good" exists only in conjunction with "evil". Heat cannot exist without cold. Without experiencing sadness, we would not be able to celebrate joy.

We can only experience who we are by relating to who we are not. We would not be able to say we are at the top if there was no bottom.

Sometimes you have to put yourself first and fulfill your obligations to yourself first. If we live the lives of others, who will outlive ours?

Sometimes you need to take a vacation from Life. And replenish your own supplies. We cannot share with others what we do not have ourselves.

Sometimes you have to slow down to get a good look at yourself. Life is a constant cha