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Work Effectiveness Coaching

"Crazy busy" - is the answer that can be heard more and more often to the question: how is your day going? Work takes up more and more place in our lives and is more and more a source of our stress and anxiety. The pressure we feel, the enormity of the tasks, and the ever-increasing pace can be very overwhelming. We also hear more and more often about Imposter Syndrome, which, according to research, already affects 70% of the population. It is a psychological phenomenon that causes a lack of confidence in one's own achievements. Despite external evidence of their own competence, those suffering from this syndrome remain convinced that they are scammers and do not deserve the success they have achieved. They work even harder and try harder, and this inevitably leads to professional burnout and even serious health problems.

Effectiveness Coaching  Work - what do we focus on during the session?

We will definitely go through the most effective time management techniques, methods of productivity, methods of setting priorities, and ways of dealing with excess tasks at work. Among them, you will find such methods as Eisenhower's matrix, the Pareto principle (also known as the 80/20 principle), Ivy Lee's productivity method, Warren Buffett's productivity method, SWAT, project management, change management, short- and medium-term planning, or your calendar planning technique. We will learn to analyze who, in addition to our boss, is the most important person at work for us (the so-called stakeholder management)  and define the most effective way to manage the relationship with such people. We will also deal with the myth of multitasking.

But what will be most important in our work is a change of attitude and mindset. Taking a distance. Learn to manage your energy and wisely regenerate and take care of yourself. No guilt or shame. Also shifting the focus from being productive to being happy and proud of yourself. Most of all, remembering that work is not our life.

Work Effectiveness Coaching - the course of the coaching contract

The standard contract looks like this:

  • in the first free session, we set the main goal that we want to achieve

  • we meet regularly once a week

  • the duration of one session is 1-1.5 clock hours

  • the cost of one clock hour is EUR 100+VAT

  • meetings are held using instant messaging (e.g. the Zoom tool) from Monday to Thursday

  • the time after sessions can be supported with homework to do

The parameters listed above are a standard starting point, and our meetings can be adapted to your individual needs. The duration of the sessions, their date, and their number will be adjusted to your needs so that the benefits of the Work Effectiveness Coaching contract are as great as possible for you.

Work Efficiency Coaching - Empowerment Coaching Krakow
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