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Assertiveness Coaching

The topics of assertiveness and public speaking are the two most cited areas where people would like to improve their working lives. And we live in times when we are chronically short of time!  At work, we bend under the multitude of tasks, we rush from one call to another, and we live in constant tension. We come home in a hurry, tired, and nervous, and instead of finding understanding, we come into conflict with our loved ones. And this lack of understanding and peace in private life deprives us of energy for the next workday.
And so the circle is closed. In addition, in the case of many companies, the so-called company's mission can be summed up today in three words: more, more, more ... How to get out of this vicious circle?

What is Assertiveness?

Assertiveness is being honest with yourself and with others. And it has a huge connection with integrity, with awareness of your needs and your value system. And the axis of everything is communication. You say what you think and you do what you say. But it is extremely important: HOW, WHEN and with WHOM you communicate


Assertiveness is the ability to express one's feelings and views, taking into account one's own boundaries and respecting the boundaries of other people. Assertiveness is also the ability to refuse, to say "no" when you really do not agree. In order to respect both your own and other people's boundaries, you must first of all be aware of these boundaries and know when they are crossed. In order to know your limits, you need to do your homework on yourself, and often, get rid of your own illusions and limitations. In order to know, understand and accept other people's boundaries, you need to learn to listen and talk.


Assertiveness is also the ability to maturely accept criticism and recognize attempts at manipulation (including manipulation used by oneself). And, interestingly enough, it is also the ability to accept praise without feeling ashamed or even guilty.

At the beginning of this paragraph, we mentioned integrity. In achieving full assertiveness, it is of great importance. We can achieve a full or advanced level of assertiveness only when the following three elements are synchronized:


  1. our beliefs

  2. our emotions

  3. our behavior.

Assertiveness Coaching - what is it about?

So what is Assertiveness Coaching? The end of the previous paragraph is already an important hint. This is work on one of the three elements of assertiveness listed there.
And in most cases, actually working on all three: beliefs, emotions, and behaviors. In the area of behavior, it is primarily a conscious choice of WHAT, HOW, WHEN, and TO WHOM we will tell (and not tell).

In addition, each of us has certain preferences for perceiving the world, learning, and making decisions. Assertiveness Coaching can be very helpful in realizing your own preferences and then the preferences of people important to you. Thanks to this, you will better understand the sources of differences and conflicts, as well as learn to flexibly choose communication styles, and in particular, you will start to say "NO" with grace. 

The benefits of Assertiveness Coaching can apply to both professional and private life. The principles that apply to healthy assertiveness are universal and related to who we are as people and how we enter into relationships with other people.

In summary, in this busy world, Assertiveness Coaching will allow you to stop and, among other things, teach you to say "NO" - without fear or guilt. This will make you stop acting out of fear, you will have no difficulty NOT doing something, and you will NOT build your agenda to the ceiling - especially in your professional life.

As a result of our sessions, you will learn how to:

  • identify limiting beliefs,

  • deal with emotions that are difficult for you,

  • recognize and notice your needs,

  • recognize those places where you are deceiving yourself,

  • define and set your boundaries,

  • recognize the preferences and communication styles of other people,

  • recognize healthy assertive behaviors and unhealthy passive or passive-aggressive behaviors,

  • identify manipulation attempts and respond to them in a healthy way,

  • communicate and connect with others in a mature and flexible way,

  • express openly your opinion,

  • accept praise with healthy satisfaction,

  • resolve conflicts with much less energy expenditure,

  • to be in conflict without fear or guilt.

Assertiveness Coaching - rules of conducting the session

The standard contract flow is as follows:

  • the duration of one session is 1 clock hour

  • the cost of one hour is EUR 100+VAT

  • conversations take place using popular video call tools (e.g. Zoom). We will choose the tool you use most often

  • the important point is that we meet regularly once a week for the first few sessions

  • Empowerment Coaching work 4 days a week, from Monday to Thursday. We will find the date that best suits both sides

  • our conversations will be complemented by various materials and methods, such as the NVC method (Non-Violent Communication)

This is the starting point. The duration of the session can, however, be flexibly adapted to your individual needs. After all, its main topic will be Coaching and Practicing Assertiveness.

Assertiveness Coaching 1 - Empowerment Coaching Krakow

A series of articles on techniques of building assertiveness

We also invite you to read the series of articles dedicated to the topic of assertiveness. There you will find both a description of communication models and the key roles we assume in them, as well as specific tips on how to recognize particular roles and how to adapt our communication style to these roles—for example, setting healthy boundaries and what to do if someone breaks them.

Assertiveness Coaching 2-Empowerment Coaching Krakow
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