Sunday depression - 1

Empowerment Coaching Blog-Sunday depression 1

It's Sunday again and in my village near Krakow, it is accompanied by a gray, windy morning. I feel like pulling the topic of Sunday depression today 😉 But it will also be about the Japanese concept of IKIGAI.

Saturday seems to be the most beautiful day of the week. Because we are already free (from work), and the next working week is not yet approaching (which takes place on Sunday). And the closer to the end of Sunday (Monday), the more our energy pales.

Is it not that this is exactly how we divide our week: the waiting time for the weekend and the weekend?

And time is, after all, indivisible in nature, continuous. It flows the same on Monday, Saturday, and Sunday (on Sunday we only have a little less for ourselves, because we usually sleep longer - interesting 🙂 This is our Life. Our Life is the same every day, with the same opportunities to use every day.

And by keeping this division in our heads, do we help or disturb?