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Can you dance in bed, can you meditate while dancing?

Empowerment Coaching Krakow-Can you meditate while dancing

How precious and special single moments can be. Those moments are worth living for. Then they stay with us, become our memories, become part of us. We can always come back to them. And especially in difficult moments, remember that Life is a carpet that is woven from fibers of different colors. Thanks to this, a one-of-a-kind, unique pattern is created - the pattern of our Life. Moreover, if there were no difficult moments, we would not be able to notice and appreciate the joyful moments.

Often it takes a bit of courage to truly experience something your way.

And not caring what other people say. As the wise saying goes, "Dance like no one is watching."

So let's see today, is it possible to meditate while dancing? Can you dance in bed?

Beautiful moments are worth capturing at all costs

I bought the latest Coldplay album yesterday. When I went to sleep, I put the headphones over my ears and started listening. The very first track, which is actually an instrumental introduction to the album (and at the same time the ending, because its second part closes the entire album) made me "open my ears wider".

I was getting into this music more and more. More and more I heard individual instruments appearing as if separately in stereo space, and at the same time creating a completely harmonious whole.

With track number 5, the high began. I started dancing. Yes, lying in bed, I started to dance. Anyone looking at it from the side would probably laugh up to their armpits. Because I imagine that a big guy who lies in bed and "shakes himself" in all directions must look funny 🙂

But at that point, to me, it didn't matter in the slightest. What was important was what was going on in the headphones and in me. Music is space, and being in it is being in space. Taking on a completely different dimension. Coming out and dissolving, no limits.

And when in the 5th issue there was a low sound of the guitar, contrasting with the background keyboards ... well, I can't describe it. These are sensations that can be experienced, but trying to put them into words is doomed to failure.

Moments when you have a feeling of direct connection with the world, of being a part of it

Why am I writing about this?

First of all, because it's amazing how much happiness you can buy for only a few dozen zlotys.

Secondly, because those were special moments. Those are worth living for. And those that are worth grabbing at all costs. Regardless of whether someone standing next to you will laugh or maliciously comment on your behavior. It doesn't really matter, because what happens inside us is priceless.

Such experiences, experiences of the so-called flow, are written, among others, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in his book entitled "Flow. The Psychology of Optimal Experience ”.

These are the moments when you feel connected with the world as if you are interpenetrating with one another.

I think each of us has our own door through which we can enter this space and fly away as if there was no gravity. It happens to me sometimes in dance. During classes at the club, we "break" the patterns for individual dances and polish the technique. The technique is important because it allows you to understand the nature of the movement and to move with a minimum expenditure of energy. And therefore, to move even faster and smoother, you can perform more and more complex figures.

But for me (and my age) this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is "fun". These are the moments when dancing the previously prepared pattern, I suddenly change my steps and follow some inner voice. Then I fly away. And then I am brought down to earth with the right, sobering remark of my partner 🙂

So, in conclusion, I will answer the question posed in the title of this article:

Can you dance in bed or meditate while dancing?

My answer is YES, definitely YES. First of all, because I am living proof that it happens, that is, you can 🙂

But I mean a deeper reflection on meditation and on our own path to ourselves and to happiness. You can read a lot about meditation. It seems to be something mystical, something that has to do with difficult concepts such as transcendental meditation, insight meditation, 5th chakra meditation, etc.

Wow! We think, "A BIG thing. But rather (yet?) Not for me. "

And I think each of us has our own form of meditation. In my case, it is music, dance, and often moments when I write some text. But for any of us, it might as well be painting, poetry, yoga, architecture, sex, management, sports, modeling, or whatever. Everything in which we truly express ourselves and have direct, intra-spatial, and timeless contact with each other.

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