How passion gives meaning to life

Empowerment Coaching Blog-How passion gives meaning to life
Photo: Jozef Harangozo

Today I am dusting off a text written quite a few years ago. It is a "photo" taken on the path of my personal development, capturing the difficulties and dilemmas I struggled with myself. As I often say "we are all on the same journey", hence maybe this text will help someone else today.


"I am at a stage in my life where my priorities are being redefined. My children - sorry, almost adult sons - will soon leave the house and start living their own lives. This separation has already had its place. I remember when I first realized that this process was beginning. It was the moment when I offered them to go to the cinema together. There was a silence that was a signal that something was wrong. And then the painful (for me) truth has been revealed that for them going to the cinema with their father was embarrassing.

Then it dawned on me that this was the moment. That the stage of opening the suitcase begins. Because bringing up children is like a suitcase: what you put in it, then you take out 🙂