Endurance Coaching. How Much Can You Take?

Empowerment Coaching Blog-How much can you take

Today I am going to dust off a text written a few years ago. And the reason for this decision is the course of one of the last coaching sessions. I hope these thoughts will help the client. And the most important conclusions are, as always, at the end of the column.

Life has pressed me down lately. It hit the ground. Hold down. There are times when it is falling apart on all fronts. And so it is now with me (I hope that soon I will be able to write "was" - because everything passes away).

At one time, there were problems at work, at home, with people close to me. I got sick. I got so hard that to go straight it was not enough to talk to the "quantum jumper", watch a comedy, give yourself some small pleasure, or, like Scarlett O'Hara in the movie "Gone with the Wind", say to yourself: "somehow it will be, I'll think about it tomorrow. "

It is difficult to be positive when you find out again and again about an