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Self-esteem Coaching. Money - how much are YOU worth?

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In the context of Christmas Wishes and New Year's Resolutions, I had a few reflections on money, how we define our value in today's world and what is the source of building our sense of value.

I don't know if you will agree with me, but the topic of money seems to be a very embarrassing matter in this world. I even dare to say that if we ask a given person: how many sexual partners they had and how much money they have on their account - they will answer the first question sooner (okay - let's agree that this will be the case at least in the case of a guy).

On the one hand, there is a collective awareness that money is something bad, and on the other hand, our personal experience says that having a lot of money is a great feeling!

Self-esteem coaching - how much are you worth in terms of money?

Are we sure that with full conviction and without anxiety we can say that having a lot of money is a great thing?

Let's take a look at this.

I believe that, especially in Polish reality, there are deeply rooted beliefs such as:

  • money corrupts

  • people who have a lot of money lie and cheat

  • it is impossible to earn a fortune in an honest way.

Always at such moments, I think of the last scene from the movie "The Day of the Freak", when the camera scans the blocks of a typical Polish housing estate. And you can hear ardent prayers coming from the apartments. Focusing on one single thing so that… the neighbor will not succeed.

On the other hand, what do most wealthy people do?

They are worried about not losing their wealth! So we don't stop worrying even when we have money.

Is it not the irony of human life that we first make it difficult for ourselves to own money through deeply held beliefs about its "devilish origin", then, when we have enough money, it is not a cause for joy but for us to worry!

Coaching on beliefs about values and resources

Where is it coming from?

It seems that one of the reasons for such a paradoxical situation is another belief deeply entrenched in the human mind that there is not enough money in this world, that it is not enough for everyone.

This belief about a deficiency causes constant competition, competition (often aggression), which in fact externalizes the fear that there is not enough for everyone. That's why I have to be better, faster, and smarter ...

And here I follow the seemingly crazy thought contained in one of Neale Donald Walsch's books:

How would this world change if people began to live with the belief that there is enough of everything?

Let me quote an excerpt from the book:

Just think! Imagine what if, from tomorrow on, every inhabitant of this planet - every person, organization, every enterprise, every government - acted on the simple truth that there is enough of everything? There is enough time, enough money, enough love, enough food, enough everything that we think is necessary for us to be happy. Enough for everyone! Really think about it. What if everyone followed this?

So it seems that it is not the actual lack that is the cause of our troubles, but - as always - ourselves and our unconscious beliefs.

It is not a lack of resources, but a lack of understanding and will. Is it easy to change? Of course not. But is there a real alternative?

What would happen to people if they maintained the current beliefs, and what would happen if they began to live with the conviction that everything is plentiful?

The value reversal paradox

The second reflection concerns the paradox of the reversal of values in this world.

Is it not that we are ashamed to take money for good deeds? That the nobler a given activity is, the less it is worth in terms of money? Isn't that another effect of thinking that if money is "bad" then it is not right to take it for doing "good" things?

Why are we irritated by a priest driving an expensive car, and why don't we be irritated by the fact that so-called "stars" earn $ 40 million for a single role in a movie?

As Byron Katie writes in "Loving what is", the greed and shame of getting paid fairly are two sides of the same coin.

Finally, a few questions from the coach about self-esteem

So how much are you worth to yourself in terms of money? How much are you currently earning? Can you imagine earning twice as much? If not, why not?

You're not worth that much, won't the world pay that much? Which of these answers is true for you?

And will the money come to you only if you work well and hard?

What is the source of your sense of worth? How do you build and develop your self-esteem?

If the above questions have triggered a sensitive chord in you, I cordially invite you to self-esteem coaching. i.e. for coaching sessions that will rebuild or build in you a healthy sense of value based on your unique foundations.

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