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On Mother's Day

Empowerment Coaching Krakow Blog-On Mother's Day

Special wishes for Mother's Day. Presented in the form of an inspiring story that reminds us of what is really important in life. And while we're seemingly just talking about celebrating Mother's Day, this story is about the importance of values in life. It also reminds us of the transience of our lives and that sometimes it may be too late to do what really matters.

A story about Mother's Day gift

A man stopped by a gift shop to buy a gift for Mother's Day. He wanted to send it to his mother, who lived in a city 200 km away. As he was getting out of the car, he noticed a girl sitting on the curb, sobbing.

- What happened? Why are you crying? The man asked.

- I wanted to buy my mother a red rose for Mother's Day. But I only have 75 cents and the rose is $ 2, the girl replied.

The man smiled and said:

- Do not worry. I'll buy you that rose.

When they were leaving the store, the man offered to take the girl home. The girl agreed but with some hesitation. When they got into the car, she asked him to take her to the cemetery. There she put a rose on a freshly dug grave.

What did the man realize then?

Without hesitating for a long time, the man returned to the flower shop and added a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers to his previously purchased gift. Then he got into the car and drove to his mother, 200 km away.


The most valuable thing you can give to another person is your time. And within that time your attention, accompanying presence. Thanks to this, the other person feels that they are important to you and that you care about them. That you are really high on the list of your life priorities.

That is why the most hit and most valuable gifts are those to which you devoted your time, and before that, you paid attention to the recipient. So you put in the effort to look at them from the perspective of the recipient. This shows that she is present in your thoughts not only from Christmas. That you listen and pay attention to what he says about your needs or desires.

And it's best if you make a gift yourself. A handwritten poem or wishes written from the heart embellished with a clumsily painted flower will be much more valuable than an off-the-shelf card, even the most ingenious Card For My Beloved Mother with a quote from the smartest man in the world.

This is how small children can surprise (and embarrass) us. Isn't a card with the inscription "The best mom in the world" the sweetest and truly unforgettable gift?

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