On Mother's Day

A man stopped by a gift shop to buy a gift for Mother's Day. He wanted to send it to his mother, who lived in a city 200 km away. As he was getting out of the car, he noticed a girl sitting on the curb, sobbing.

- What happened? Why are you crying? The man asked.

- I wanted to buy my mother a red rose for Mother's Day. But I only have 75 cents and the rose is $ 2, the girl replied.

The man smiled and said:

- Do not worry. I'll buy you that rose.

When they were leaving the store, the man offered to take the girl home. The girl agreed, but with some hesitation. When they got into the car, she asked him to take her to the cemetery. There she put a rose on a freshly dug grave.

Without hesitating for a long time, the man returned to the flower shop and added a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers to his previously purchased gift. Then he got into the car and drove to his mother, 200 km away.

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