Things aren’t always what they seem

Empowerment Coaching Blog-Things arent always what they seem

"The two traveling Angels stayed overnight with a very wealthy family living in the comfortably furnished mansion. The family was very unpleasant and refused to let the Angels stay in one of the many available rooms. Instead, they offered them a piece of flooring in a cold basement. When the Angels went to bed, the older one noticed a hole in the wall and decided to seal it.

- Why did you do that? - the younger Angel asked. - Things aren’t always what they seem - the elder replied.

The next night, the Angels stopped in the hut of the very poor, but also very hospitable, farmer and his wife. After a modest evening meal, the farmer and his wife gave the Angels their own bed. The next day, at dawn, the Angels found the farmer and his wife in tears. Their only cow, which was also their only source of income, died.

The Younger Angel reacted very violently and asked the older Angel: - How could you let this happen?!!! The first family had everything, they were greedy, and you still helped them! The other has so little, willingly shared with us, and you let such misfortune befall them. - Things aren’t always what they seem to us - the older Angel replied calmly. When we went to sleep in the basement of the manor house, I noticed that there was a golden treasure hidden in the wall. Since that family was so greedy, I decided for them to never find this treasure, so I sealed a hole in the wall. Tonight, while we were sleeping in the farmer’s and his wife’s bed, the Angel of Death came for her. Instead of her, I gave Angel the cow. Things aren’t always what they seem to us."

Author unknown