Master and kite flying

Empowerment Coaching Blog-Master and kite flying

Master, since I left you and the monastery, I am unable to overcome my troubles, the student complained. It seems to me that everything is uphill. Everything comes much more difficult for me than for others. All the time against the wind, and this wind is also throwing sand in my eyes. I have logs under my feet all the time. You have told us to go out on your way of life, but I constantly stumble on it. Everything is conspiring against me. Maybe I should go back to the monastery? Maybe I'm not ready?

"I am very busy now," replied the master, "and I do not have much time to talk to you." I'm in a hurry because the time is right.

The master was visibly excited and was rushing around the room, picking up some bamboo sticks, rolling rolls of paper, and rolling a ball of string.

- An appropriate time for what? The student asked.

"To fly a kite," replied the master with a smile. - A strong wind is blowing.

The student was surprised and disappointed. His master goes to play carefree, and flies kites when he asks for help! W