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Why do we need professional goals?

Business Coaching-Why do we need professional goals

One of the common questions you may hear in an interview is "Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?" Although frustrating, it has a very specific intention: this way the employer wants to see what idea you have for yourself and your professional development, and whether you are a good candidate for the job. Answering this question can help you get your dream contract, but it's worth it know me for myself as well. A clear definition of our aspirations helps in finding a suitable position, and in a broader perspective - on following a satisfactory career path.

What might be the consequences of vague ambitions?

Not having a specific goal or choosing a career for the wrong reasons doesn't serve anyone. It can lead to disappointment with the industry and the workplace, and to a feeling of being lost in life. Of course, it is never too late to reevaluate, but defining our aspirations early enough will prevent us from wasting time and energy on doing work that does not bring us satisfaction at all.

The role of the professional goal when applying for a job

It is also worth defining a professional goal because it is something that recruiters pay attention to. It is certainly worth preparing a statement on this topic, anticipating the appearance of the question mentioned at the beginning of the interview. An even better idea is to include a section on your CV specifically dedicated to this topic. Recruiters search piles of applications every day in search of the employee they believe are best suited for the job. Specifying your aspirations and ambitions (preferably taking into account the employer's business profile) will allow the recruiter to get to know you better from a professional point of view and assess the extent to which you fit the company. What if your professional goal does not coincide with what the employer expects? Well, this way you will avoid employment in a place where your possibilities of self-fulfillment will be very limited.

Defining a career goal can sometimes require a bit of introspection. However, the advantages of having it are many.

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