Are you part of the Transformation?

Empowerment Coaching Blog-Are you part of the transformation

I strongly encourage you to read this column for all those who are now taking part in the TRANSFORMATION so fashionable today.

Edgar H. Schein, MIT professor, creator of a well-known model of organizational culture, author of books on leadership and interpersonal relations (e.g. "Humble Leadership: The power of relationships, openness, and trust" which I heartily recommend, especially to HR leaders!), based on his fifty years of research experience in various organizations, argues that you cannot understand how an individual, organization, or system works without being able to look at things from three different perspectives:

  1. the first is an individual perspective based on psychology,

  2. the second is a systems perspective based on anthropology, sociology, political science, and systems theory,

  3. and the third is an interactive process perspective, based on social psychology, sociology, and other theories of dynamic processes.

These different perspectives are necessary to understand the various components of the system and the relationships between them.