How to provide feedback at work?

Empowerment Coaching Blog: How to provide feedback at work

In my coaching practice, I am quite often asked to recommend a technique that would enable us to provide feedback at work: to co-workers, subordinates, and superiors as well. How to do it, to be diplomatic and don’t make the recipient defensive, and express our thoughts effectively.

Hers is a universal, simple (albeit very effective) SBI technique:

  1. Situation,

  2. Behavior,

  3. Impact.

Let’s please see it in the following example:

  1. Yesterday, when you ran your webcast (specific Situation)

  2. and you spoke very quickly (specific Behavior)

  3. webcast participants might get the perception that you were either stressed or came to this webcast unprepared (Impact this Behavior in this Situation made on others).

Such feedback must be shared promptly (we don’t wait to share our observations for days). Only if a given