14 steps of effective delegation

Empowerment Coaching Blog-14 steps of effective delegation

I don't know if you can believe that the article below was published in 2008? Why am I mentioning this? Because in my opinion, it is a very good text, and the rules contained therein are still valid today.

This prompts me to reflect on being mindful and self-minded when looking at all the new fashions that are constantly emerging in the field of "leadership" or team management. Our world is constantly self-propelling. As if it had a huge "propeller in its ass" that does not let it stop and whispers constantly: more, more, new, new ...

And yet at the basis of all relationships, in every life role, is HUMAN. A creature that has been operating for years based on the same fundamental laws: e.g. meeting his needs, honesty, trust, his 'I' versus living in the community.

If we imagine us in the form of a pyramid (for example Maslow's pyramid) or a house that has many floors, then until we take care of the foundations, any changes on higher levels will not bring a sense of inner peace and this priceless feeling "I'm on my own place ".

So sometimes you have to go down to the