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Business coaching - a way to develop your company

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The support of a professional in managing your own business is invaluable. If you run a company, you are the president or a member of the management team and you want your company to develop dynamically, it is worth reaching out for business coaching. It is carried out by a qualified business coach who will thoroughly analyze the company's needs and its situation and, on this basis, will propose a way of cooperation. The coach helps to solve short-term and long-term problems, such as:

- problems with work organization,

- bad communication in the company,

- low employee engagement,

- problems with the distribution of tasks between employees,

- increasing conflicts at work,

- problems setting goals,

- problems with superiors assessing work and providing constructive feedback

It is worth noting that this type of advice is also beneficial for experienced specialists and people who are responsible for the implementation of important projects. The coach will help, for example, to better manage time and arrange the structure of work in such a way that it is as effective as possible.

What is business coaching?

Counseling takes many forms. A type of help that may prove particularly useful to business owners, managers, or other employees is business coaching. It is targeted at the selected company and closely matched to its needs and structure. It is performed by a qualified business coach who helps to solve problems on an ad hoc or long-term basis. Its primary goal is to strengthen the company's position in the market by developing the competencies of the management team or employees.

Business coaching is a type of counseling designed for every company, regardless of the industry. There is room for development in all enterprises. Perhaps you and your colleagues need to learn how to resolve conflicts. Or maybe you want to set goals that the company should strive for and find out how to achieve them. Coaching will help in this and many other aspects! You can be sure that after consulting you will gain competences thanks to which you will work more effectively and your company will develop.

What problems does business coaching solve?

Cooperation with a coach is a particularly good idea when we want to improve soft skills in the company, such as:

- management skills,

- organization of working time and delegation of tasks,

- communication and building relationships with other people,

- co-creating a well-coordinated team,

- building employee engagement,

- motivating and inspiring others,

- employee development,

- mature assertiveness,

- managing your boss

Business coaching is based on the assumption that every company is made of people. The success of the company in the industry depends to a large extent on how their cooperation proceeds. Thanks to the development of interpersonal skills and management skills, your company can perform better; It is also helpful to set the goals and priorities of the company with the coach and to create a transparent structure for the company.

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Career coaching as part of business coaching

Career coaching is a special type of business coaching. It is usually used by people in managerial positions. But in today's world of limitless opportunities, career coaching can be helpful for anyone. The purpose of this coaching is to design the most satisfying path for your future professional career, develop a specific plan and implement it.

This type of coaching starts with getting to know yourself well: your personal values, interests, strengths, weaknesses, and natural talents. Often this process is supported by a personality test or other psychometric tests. Career coaching helps to clearly summarize and describe the place from which we are starting and clearly define the goal we want to achieve. The difference between these two states will show you what and in which areas you need to do to get where you want to be. Perhaps you are in the wrong place right now. Perhaps also the proposals that your current company gives you are not really for you.

Thus, the undoubted advantage of career coaching, in addition to designing a new path of professional development, is getting to know yourself better and, at the same time, overcoming the blockades that have prevented you from taking a bold step so far.

Why is it worth choosing business coaching?

Business coaching is a method that brings many benefits. It not only allows you to effectively manage a company or a team and plan work in an optimal way, but it also allows you to get to know yourself better, which has a positive effect on many spheres of life. Thanks to coaching, you will find out what your personal motivations are and increase insight into your value system; this will increase your self-confidence and sense of agency.

Working with a coach will increase your motivation to act and teach you how to effectively resolve conflicts. Thanks to it, you will also learn how to set your priorities and create a harmonious team.

Burnout prevention

One of the biggest benefits of business coaching is reducing the risk of burnout. Intensive work with an advisor contributes to achieving and maintaining a work-life balance, and also helps to open up to various career paths and choose the one that is best for you. What's more, it gives you knowledge on how to work and manage your time so as to avoid overloading with everyday duties.

How do sessions with a business coach go?

The course of meetings with the coach takes place in accordance with the needs of the service recipients. These can be both individual and group sessions. Their form is tailored to the problem we are working on and the company's capabilities. Before starting work, it is worth informing about your preferences and determining whether a given form of work will help solve the problem.

For example, at the beginning of the cooperation on the development of leadership skills of the executives, individual business coaching sessions may be held once a week, each session lasting from 1 to 1.5 hours. Over time, the frequency of coaching sessions may drop to one session per 2 weeks or one coaching session per month - until you finally reach your goal.

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