What to do when your boss doesn't respect your time?

What to do when your boss doesn't respect your time 1-Empowerment Coaching Kraków Blog

When you're trying to balance work and family, work and personal life, it's good to have an understanding and supportive boss. Someone who doesn't frown when you want to leave work early to attend your children's school event or when you ask for time off to take one of your parents to the doctor.

But what if your manager doesn't understand your family's responsibilities? Or worse, is your boss disrespectful or even hostile to your family matters? How do you deal with a boss who refuses to acknowledge your needs? How to find a way to be flexible? How much should you tell your boss about your family commitments?

While pay and opportunity for advancement remain the two main reasons people seek a new job, research shows that what ultimately pushes an employee to seek a new job is the frustration of feeling disrespected by their immediate supervisor.

Think of it this way: most professionals enjoy their job search as much as they enjoy going to the dentist. In order to spend the extra time and energy to change jobs, the pain has to be really bad.

However, if you don't get the respect you want, it's unfortunate because you let your boss treat you a certain way.

As Oprah Winfrey says:

You teach people how to treat you

From your first interaction with your current boss to now, you have set the tone for how you are treated at your job. The good news is that this can be changed. But in order to do that, you need to recognize certain patterns and be wisely assertive.

7 Warning Signs Your Boss Doesn't Respect You

  1. He calls you in a panic about an ASAP task, then says little

  2. He often changes his mind about what you should work on

  3. It asks you to check each task you have completed

  4. He orders you to do unnecessary, tedious work

  5. Constantly cancels and reschedules appointments with you

  6. You must pursue him to get answers to your questions or get his formal approval

  7. Ignores your ideas and doubts

There are more specific behaviors that are strong red flags. But if you recognize more than two of the above seven points that apply to you - it's safe to say that you have no respect from your boss.

And that means it's time to work on your communication strategy first. And if this does not bring improvement - seriously consider changing the boss or changing the workplace.