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As always, in the morning I admire the view outside the window. Is beautiful. I chose it myself 🙂 (ie not the view, but my home from which I can admire the view).

By the way, one quick digression: do you know that in Switzerland, when buying a property or a house, you can also buy a view for a sufficiently large amount? Really. No one can build anything in the vicinity of our property that would obscure the selected projection of space.

If you have seen how beautiful the slopes of the hills above Lake Geneva look like, how harmoniously the images of vineyards combine with the view of the several thousand-strong Alps and the lake that stands at their feet - you can understand.

Coming back to my "un-buyed" view 🙂 I have often thought that it would be worth keeping the shades of this view in the photos. There are as many seasons, as many months in the year, how many days, how many colors on t