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Here it Is! The spring. My favorite season. I think it's finally here for good. And it will be here for a while. The grass is already green, and bushes and trees are getting green. The first flowers tirelessly break through the soil. My head is getting green! I love this time. Everything comes back to life. Colors and smells return. In the morning you can hear the birds singing. Do you have time to notice it when you get up / leave for work in the morning?

It is also the time when girls shorten their skirts, widen their necklines, and bloom again. Gentlemen stick out their torsos (and some pull on bellies grown in winter). I am watching this process with joy. We start running, rollerblading, cycling... After all, summer is in the line behind spring. And with it comes the beach, bikini, and swimming trunks 😉

Everything changes

Everything changes. Every day. When I start the day, I like to stop for a moment and see how many new buds have arrived since yesterday, about which the lark is chirping today. A few years ago, I made a decision not to let spring pass me by. It used to be that I didn't notice when it all bloomed. In the daily race, it was all missing, and then I felt sorry that I had missed something important once again.

Today, just before starting work, I look at the first flowering shrubs to take this image with me. It's hard to sit at work at such times, right? Therefore, I enter work mentally only when I sit at the computer. Right before (and maybe especially before), I try to soak up every moment. Every moment is special. Because there is only the present moment. All the rest is in our minds.

Have you ever wondered how incredible Strength must exist at the source of it all?

How is it that such a fragile snowdrop breaks through the frozen soil? How does all this nature "know" what and when to do? How tirelessly strives for another bloom. For me, spring is the essence of life. To be born again. Every day. A cycle that repeats itself over and over again and whose purpose is to replicate life.

Do you know that our body is also constantly renewing itself?

It is said that the vast majority of cells invariably die and new ones appear in their place. Every 2 weeks you have completely new skin. New dice - every 10 years. Muscles - every 14.

So who are you when your packaging changes completely, sometimes several times in just one trip?

If you don't distract yourself from how you see yourself, you will never see your full potential.

. . .

Richard Bach, in his book "The Seagull", describes the story of a seagull named Jonathan.

Jonathan is different from the members of his pack. "For most seagulls, it's all about eating, not flying." For this seagull, it is not eating, but flying. Father keeps telling Jonathan that "the reason you fly is food" and that you don't fly for the sake of flying. Jonathan, however, cannot accept it.

He is experimenting with fast flying. In the beginning, he reaches a speed of 144 km / h. Then it goes to 220 km / h. After all, he exceeds 300 km / h. By the way, he learns the art of deeper diving and is surprised to discover that fish swimming at greater depths is much tastier than those living just below the surface of the water. For his disobedience and riskiness, however, he is expelled from the herd.

What's next? I encourage you to read the book. It's less than 100 pages that can be read in an hour. I think it can be light and very inspiring reading, just in time for spring.

It is worth looking for your own perfection - this is the reason why we live

Let me just say that one of the truths Jonathan discovers when he finally meets other misfit gulls is this: “We choose our next world through what we learn in this world. If you learn nothing, the new world will be identical to the present one - with the same limitations and lead balls that must be discarded. " We must seek our own perfection - this is the reason we live.

So I take my renewed set of cells and go for a walk. To listen to what Life has to say today. Maybe I'll come back with a new idea for myself. And even if not, it's enough for me to stay among the nature that comes to life and to face at least one beautiful girl in a shorter skirt 😉

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