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Master and bell

Empowerment Coaching Krakow-Master and bell

What is the difference between wisdom and intelligence? Is it enough to know a lot to be a good boss? What is true authority? Who can be a real authority and why? And what do we most value other people for? What difference does real commitment make? Here are the questions for today. And as usual in this cycle, we direct these questions to our Master. Let's see what message will be contained in the parable of the Master and the Bell.

Parable of the Master and the Bell

The new student could not find himself in the monastery. He did not understand many things, and for many, he had a different opinion. The master was not showing enough and explaining too little, not caring enough about the student's progress. Finally, the student, completely resigned, went to Master and, sharing his feelings, asked:

- What should I do? How to prepare? How to judge if I chose correctly?

"Don't be afraid to ask questions," said the Master to the student. - Don't be afraid to attack the authority.

- But how do I learn to ask questions?

- Ask about everything until you get an answer that satisfies you.

Ask boldly and keep going. You see, a real master is like a bell. If you sway slightly, you only hear a slight vibration. But if you move hard, hit hard, you will hear a strong, loud sound that will penetrate you deeply. Sometimes this sound rings in your ears even after a significant amount of time has elapsed. This is science.

It also happens that the bell has no heart. It's big, bloated, and looks like it's about to make a great sound. But someone took his heart, took his soul. Or he never had that heart. You can move, you can hit, but the answer will always be the indistinct murmur of the spinning wheels of the suspension, the grinding of the bearings, but not the sound that will move you.

Always look for the heart bell - that's the moral of the story

And we can enrich this moral with the following quotes:

"In addition to higher education, it would be good to have some middle imagination and at least a basic upbringing."

- Andrew Grabowski

"The measure of a man is not wealth, wisdom and what he says. Only actions - good and bad - really matter."

- Miroslaw Welz

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