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Isn't man funny?

Isnt man funny-Empowerment Coaching Krakow Blog

What's the funniest thing about a Man? i.e. most foolish of their conduct. How much do we make our own lives difficult? From your own stupidity or as a result of ignorance and lack of understanding. Why do we forget about living here and now when we are in such a hurry? And why are we in such a hurry? Today, instead of the Master, we will ask Jaime Cohen from Paulo Coelho's book entitled "Be like a flowing river."

What's the funniest thing about people?

A man once asked Jaime Cohen: "Please tell me what's the funniest thing about people?"

Cohen replied: "They always think the other way around."

They rush to adulthood and then sigh over their lost childhood.

They lose health to get money, then they lose money to recover.

They think about the future with concern, forgetting the present moment, and thus they live neither the present nor the future.

They live as if they never wanted to die, and they die as if they never lived.

What more wisdom can we take from Jaimee Cohen's answer?

Not only Jaimee Cohen noticed the irony of fate that man forges for himself. Many other insightful people have also noticed this and captured it in such maxims and golden thoughts:

"Every moment you can spend with your loved ones counts - while they are still here. In a moment it will be too late. So little time left. Not enough, not enough time to talk to everyone, to respond to all this love, to embrace all these needs to take care of everyone who needs it"

- Małgorzata Musierowicz, "The Spring"

"We don't have to do anything to die. We can hide in a cupboard under the stairs all our lives and death will find us. "He will erase all traces of our existence on earth, and he will do it all for free. He will not ask for anything in return. He will bow at our funeral, accept our appreciation for a job well done, and disappear."

- Tahereh Mafi, "Julia's Secret"

"Right at the beginning of life, someone should have told us that we were dying. Maybe then we would have lived every minute to the fullest. Take action every day. When you feel like doing something, do it right now! The days ahead are numbered."

- Jack London

"Beware of prophets and those who are ready to die for the truth, for - usually behind them, often in front of them, sometimes instead of themselves - they bring the death of many."

- Umberto Eco

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