What difference do you make to the world?

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Once upon a time, there was a wise man. He lived on the shores of the ocean and went for a walk on the beach every morning.

During one of these walks, he noticed in the distance, right on the border of sand and waves, a human figure moving as if to the rhythm of the music. He smiled to himself and decided to see who was dancing on the beach. As he approached this figure, he noticed that it was a young man who not so much dances as walks rhythmically to the edge of the waves, picks something up from the sand, and throws it very gently into the ocean.

Coming close enough, the wise man asked:

- "Good morning! What are you doing?"

- "I am throwing starfish into the ocean," replied the young man.

- "So I should probably have asked: why are you throwing starfish into the ocean?"

- "The sun is already high, the tide is starting, and if I don't throw them into the water, they will die."

- “But young man, do you realize that the beach stretches for miles and there are starfish everywhere. What difference does it make if you throw some into the ocean? "

The young man listened intently, frowned, then bent down, threw another starfish into the ocean, and said:

- "It will make a huge difference to the one I throw in the water."

Each of us carries our own unique gift. A talent thanks to which he can leave behind a unique change in this world. If we become aware of this gift, we gain the power to change the world. We leave behind our traces that make a significant difference to others.

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