Life wisdom of the Emir of Dubai

Coaching Stories-Life wisdom of the Emir of Dubai

Dubai's founder, Muhammad ibn Rashid Al Maktum, when asked how he saw the future of his country, replied:

"- My grandfather rode a camel, and so does my father, I drive a Mercedes, my son a Land Rover, my grandson will also drive a Land Rover, but my great-grandson will probably ride a camel again.

-Why do you say that? "

- There are several age-old rules that govern everything in life. Specifically, hard times make strong people, strong men make good times, good times make weak times, and weak times make hard times. Many will not understand, but the prosperity in our country produces parasites, not life fighters. It's the same when you give everything for free to your child who sleeps all day. "

And although this Sheikh is known, to put it mildly, for