Every obstacle is an opportunity

Empowerment Coaching Krakow Blog-Every obstacle is an opportunity

A long time ago, a king put a large stone on the road. Then he watched if anyone could move the obstacle.

Some of the richest merchants and citizens had ridden along this road, cursing and cursing at the obstacle, but not one of them ever thought to move the stone away.

Many people complained about the king, who does not care about the order in the kingdom and is not interested in what is important to the common people, that is, through roads.

One day an ordinary peasant, carrying vegetables in his modest cart drawn by an old mule, stopped and, after an hour of moving and pushing the stone, he completely removed it from the road, so that the stone did not disturb anyone anymore.

As he was tossing the stone into a nearby ditch, he noticed that there was a pouch attached to the bottom of it, full of gold coins for the person who had moved the stone.

The peasant has learned something that others will never understand. Each obstacle is an opportunity to improve someone's position.

"A wise happy life" - Piotr Adamczyk

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